Monday, November 9, 2015

Clash Of Clans Collecting Resource In Short Time-Loot Bonus Farming

I am playing clash of clans for last two years and have experienced the common problems through out the game and will share with you guys one by one for this time i am discussing secrets about the clash of clan for collecting the loot in short time .Sometimes we get tired of not getting the proper loot we desire off and we need to search and press the next next button for hours and when we get one proper loot we need to deploy all our troops to get that loot .


We win the battle and got that loot now what ?? need to wait for like 15-20 minutes for your army to get full again and for heroes that might be like 50-60 minutes that a lot of time and you might get bore waiting for that long and as a result might quit playing clash of clan thinking this game is too lagging. As i use to do make my full army with balloons and get some proper loots but then always have to wait for 45-50 minutes for army to get rebuilt as shown in picture .But now i have learnt some other trick which i am going to share with you guys for getting good loots in short time and playing constant without have to wait for army.

Guys the technique i am talking about is getting
the bonus loot by just simply taking out the enemy TOWN HALL and that to be in champions or above leagues . I my self had placed my town hall outside the base their are benefits of placing your TH outside which i will tell later but for now as we all know the Champions league is placed at 3200 trophies and on reaching that spot you get a lot of gems plus addition to that the bonus loot is of 180 k gold elixir each plus 1200 dark elixir .yeah that's true though the bonus amount doesn't looks like enough for a proper loot but that looks good when you get that every 3 minutes of play . following point you need to take care of :-

  • Get your trophy level to 3200 ,once you reach champions you will be getting that bonus loot we are talking about .
  • Drop your trophy level by 70-80 ,so that you still remain in champions and don't get your self below 3100 or you will drop to masters 1 .
  • Just keep oscillating between 3120-3200 where you can easily snipe through town halls.
  • Keep yourself packed with 100-120 archers and goblins so that in an emergency you can easily clear the full drills they also contribute a lot for loots ,but be sure to take out the town hall first .
  • Just keep on pressing next next button and i am sure you will find a th outside every 2-3 minutes and can get loot bonus without wasting your full army
  • With a constant play of 30-40 minutes you can easily full your storage's no matter how much you lose in defense.
  • One last point place your town hall outside so as to save your resources as soon as you log off some player like you will destroy your town hall and will give free shield .

This given picture shows my log as i got 2 Th outside in just 2 minutes but i was in different league and  though the center one showing attack lost was a mis-click and my troop was dispatched but the other two can gives you the view that just with 2 minute time difference 2 bases were snipped.So just follow this technique for nonstop play and for collecting the loot in a faster way.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Windows Application In 10 Minute

Windows store is famous for its own applications  and company  always gives some innovation to its App developers so that the users must get attracted towards the app store . Microsoft has invented two tools which helps in running IOS and ANDROID Applications.

The Microsoft had updated their App Studio which they have given the chance to the users that without installing or giving any coding or visual studio they can make new applications with the help of this tools any application can get ready in just 10 minutes .They can't make together visually stunning and no code tools but they will attract their new users towards them and it can definitely churn out a functional application in short order. Though the new projects have a choice of few basic templates,most of them having a good amount  to simply display a webpage within an app to experience various sections such as API curations from services like you tube,bing,Facebook,twitter.

The most important feature is that with your application you can make a new icon with the help of theme and icon editors .Windows 10 has given an option of side downloading too . Apart from this hero image editor is also available this app will support the initial windows 10 too. But this Windows App studio wont help you to create an proper application or game that you can built a business around ,but yeah it will definitely help you in making the websites , business ,branding etc

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


A long ago it was easier for us to deploy our troops when enemy was not that strong and our troops can easily overcome the enemy base. There was no such situation or technique that how we have to deploy our troops in a line or one by one but now when we are in TH 10 it becomes difficult for us to deploy so many troops in an instant time and if we deploy them one by one that wont give us the desired results . So for that we need some technique that will help us getting desired results.

The easiest way of deploying the troops is by just pressing your finger on screen and putting out the troops in a single line and hence the deployment of troops makes a long row and they become easy target for defensive structures or just a giant bombs will finish most of your army. You definitely want to avoid such kind of situations but as well want your troops to enter the village as quickly as possible , I personally recommend you to avoid  sending your troops the way its shown in the picture.

For now a days playing games has become easy ever since you realized that you guys are using multi-touch device. That means your device can handle multiple touch at same point of time, using the one finger for a long time might get your game to go on sleep mode for that you can use multiple touch for deployment of troops that can be 3 fingers on 3 spots  as show in the picture . you can simply hold your fingers on screen. This will reduce your time to 1/3rd of deployment time of your troops ,simply try this technique in the single player mode so as to become an expert.

This is the third technique that these days is becoming popular for balloons attacks. That is the dragging touch in this technique you can deploy your troops especially balloons  from one side of the game corner  but not from the single point , if you send your balloons from single point they might get out just with few air bombs traps to overcome that type of traps these days we are using the dragging touch technique for deployment of troops as shown in picture. 

Hope you try any of the technique and that will help you for better results. Do leave a comment guys for any further query . share post if you like it

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We all started clash of clan from beginners level then into the middle levels and with continuous day and night we reach to TH 10 and max out our troops as well as defense. Then ever wonder NOW WHAT !!! now when everything is upgraded now what will you do, what your workers gonna do,what will be your motto to play coc when everything is upgraded.

You are just left with trophies that you can increase and by crossing the different trophy leagues you can can reach the legend league so as to prove yourself as a gem of this game and put your name on their wall of fame .So for that you have to do a trophy push and adjust your base according to that and few other things that you need to manage so here we start:-

1. PATIENCE PATIENCE :- Patience is the key to success, The first point says it all you cannot   reach titans or legend league with  just one day play or two, you need to work through out slowly slowly as we know slow and steady wins the race. Target your daily trophies and be sure you grab them daily. Personally saying until 3500 you can reach with ease but then this patience policy will work.

2. MAXED OUT STUFF :-  Make sure you are having maxed/nearly maxed everything that can be your defense, your troops, king and queen and of-course the spells don't forget to take that. And lastly make sure your king and queen are present for your trophie push  session if you seriously want to make it to the titans. As king and queen are the decider for the next star which your army can't get and for army be sure what you using is maxed stuff as low level armies can't take down the high level enemies defense.

3. BASE LAYOUTS :- Bases play the major role in helping you for the trophy push, so you must have a best base layout for yourself  whether you are a TH 9 or a TH 10. A solid base will always reduce the chances of getting 2 stars from your base, either the attacker have to satisfy himself for one star or sometimes he wont find any and when that happen you will be awarded with free  trophies boosting your morale to hit the titan .

4. ATTACKING STRATEGY :- From the starting you can easily rise your trophies as the defenses on lower leagues are not that strong you can easily 3 star them but that wont be the story in masters and higher league as the bases will surely be the tough ones  and for that you need to perform the best attacks and with best army. Always use the best troops's combination no matter the  ground one or the air troops. Always keep in mind to washout the easy and poor bases. Make a strategy for the attack before  you deploy troops on to a base.

GIVING BRIBE - Giving bribe is my own thinking that helped me a lot during my trophy push sessions if you want to attract the attackers  just give them something that will let them deploy their troops on your base even when they know they cant score a star out of it. Anything like the dark elixir storage people really need that once you put that outside they will surely attack you and increase chances  of giving you the trophies you need. You can also try to put gold and elixir storage outside too. People tend to attack me for DE on my war base.

ENOUGH LIQUID CASH - Make sure you having enough of the resources so that you achieve your aim and wont be affected by resources in the middle of trophy push session. As when you will be in masters, champions you will be getting good bonus which might aid  you through out the course but make sure you are starting with a good amount of resources.

PLENTY OF PLAY  - Make sure that you have enough time to stay online during attacks. You can use gems to speed up barracks  for faster troops and spell factory also to cover up long spells duration's. Put boost on heroes also for faster recovery   staying online for longer time will help you get more trophy from attacking then loosing it on defense . Sometimes supercell  will message you personally to get some rest. I recommend you to stop only then when they stop you .

Hope you like the given points .Do comment and share post .

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Fix Chrome Browser Crash Problem Permanently

Permanent Fix : Chrome Crash problem resolution 

Chrome Browser the worlds fastest browser do have some memory and crashing issues. We often encounter a Chrome crashes and hunt for how to fix chrome crash issues. There can be numerous reason that your chrome browser may crash , it can be because you may have installed an unwanted software which is incompatible to your system or you may have installed some malware which is playing with your browser.

Step by step instruction to Fix Chrome Browser Crash Problem Permanently  

Google has recently launched  Software Removal Tool which helps you scan and remove unwanted programs.

Step1 : Go to Google Software Removal Tool download page by clicking here

Step 2: Download and install the software

Step 3: This tool will scan your system for unwanted and malicious software

Step 4: You are done , this shall scan & clean all your unwanted programs.

MAC users : How to fix invalid crash in MAC chrome browser

If you are a MAC user and you are encountering crash. Please follow the steps to fix the same

So here we go , have a pleasant chrome browsing experience.

Download the Software Removal Tool from

Saturday, October 31, 2015


With the release of Windows 10  in july, it is already the hottest product in market with more then 10 million users operating it, in its first quater .better then any of their previous launches ,windows 7,windows 8 ,windows xp. Since the launch of the new product microsoft has already released no of updates regarding the bugs and issues . But for now they have decided for its major update which was earlier planned to be launched in october but for some reasons this update is postponed to early  november.

This delay in release of "threshold 2" will certainly benefit the microsoft as they will be given a bit more time to develop their new update which hopefully will result in a better and complete setup for its users. From our reports we have heard windows insiders have been using threshold 2 builds for a week or two and have made the necessary changes in it,and have not reported any big changes or additions.

The main reason for this update is to address the issues affecting users of operating system. Main problems experienced by users were the use of touchpad, issues accessing and utilizing the start menu and page freezes, screen flickering and flashing, lagging issues. Some other users were stumped when their systems were unable to upgrade at all and was displaying the error messages instead. Moreover reports have said once released , the update is expected to include additional extensions for microsoft,s new browser that will replace internet explorer, a new universal desktop messaging app and other improvements.

Lastly speaking about the name of the update has not promoted very much so they might replace the name" Threshold 2 " to" windows 10 november update" or might just launch as the windows 10 update we never know , from our experts we came to know that Threshold 2 isn’t a big update compared to "Redstone" which is Microsoft’s next major update for Windows 10 which might b coming in 2016  that will pack a whole load of new features for consumers and enterprises.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Sundar Pichai Google CEO 10 facts you never know

Sundar Pichai 

1. Starting from his childhood the real name of Sundar Pichai is sundarajan Pichai.

2. Pichai's  father was an electric engineer and mother was a stenographer , they were not financially strong but then also Pichai and his brother were never given a chance to compromise with their studies.

3. Pichai was the captain of his school cricket team, apart from sports he was having a keen interest in technology from his childhood, with extra talent of remembering telephone numbers, he remembers every number he dials.

4. Pichai's education is not related to his present job as he studied metallurigcal and materials engineering apart from this he pursued an electronics course even it was not a part of the curriculum. After that Pichai went to stanford in USA on scholarship and just to let him fly to USA his father have to spent his annual salary.

5. Sundar was having luck in his love life as he got married to one of his batchmate whome he was dating in india ; in present he is father of two .

6. Prior to joining google, pichai worked in engineering and product management at applied materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & company.

7. At initial stage in google, Pichai came up with a new idea for a new browser which was not very well recieved as at that time Microsoft Internet Explorer was leading the market,which was later slipped from throne  when chrome was introduced .

8. Pichai joined google in 2004 where he was known as a low key manager who worked on the google toolbar and then led the launch of the market beating chrome browser in 2008 and later he served as the company's senior vice president of products,largely responsible for the creation of google drive,gmail app .

9. With his managing abilities, adorable ,down to earth,friendly nature, he is good at maintaining relationships and managing employees in day to day work.

10.Sundar Pichai has already joined the elite list of indians who are leading the world companies like satya Nadella(Microsoft) Ajay Banga(Mastercard) Shantanu Narayen(Adobe) Francisco D'Souza (Cognizant) and many more...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Supercell started this week with small halloween surprise and many more might be on the way . This is just the indication of something new and bigger behind supercell walls. Just after their mega gaming event clashcon ended their were few guesses for  whats next, what will be the new update what it will b including .

This update might be a bit late as yearly updates we use to get in october because this time  we will get the update  in mid of november .We are not sure for the release date as if now one thing we are sure of is that for the next 2 weeks we will be getting  alot of teasers and exciting news from supercell.


So here are the following aspects which we think are  included in next big update

 TOWN HALL -11    

-With the below mentioned  image it is confirmed that the TH 11 will be coming with the new update which was much needed as most of users are were fully upgraded and with this TH coming  company will reveal tons of new features for this update. so cheers to fans who were waiting for this update
One thing  for sure is that your  expense for searching the next opponent is increased from 1000 gold with TH 10 to 1250 gold with TH11 .



Yeah you heard that right chief . Soon there will a new hero in the game, so you guys will be having a total 3 heroes to handle for a attack, isn't that intresting ? This new hero will be in company with queen and king. This new hero looks like something a master wizard  having some special powers to attack some specifc targets . The cost shows that this hero will work on exiler not  on dark exiler like other heroes that's a relief for users searching for dark exiler in game and will also be upgraded on exiler itself.


New defence building as shown in picture below seems like to be a kind of mystery for the users untill or unless supercell updates further on the news. Defensive building might work as a mixture of inferno and mortar as we can see , from the view it shows as if builidng has been given 2 wings and a beak looking like an eagle .

It shows the way its gonna attack like opening the mouth and  sending a ray up in the sky , attacking in a splash damage to the enemy in its range. Might be it will work as a constant ray like increasing damage as such of inferno towers or any other way of attacking we never know ,whats the name of building ,what are the targets of this building ,this will b intresting to watch out for !!


 This might be an update which till now has not been shown by supercell in any of their updates . Introducing new dark troop is much expecting update by users all over world. With last introduction of lava hound as a air troop this time it must be a ground troop which will  hit the coc markets.

As in picture, the new troop will come under hogs and might resemble to any of their characterstics, as lavahound under minions resembles to each other being air troops so we can hope it to be a ground troop and shall hit the market by this update.

These were the major updates that will be hitting the market in this november for sure . You never know  what surprises are awaitng  for COC fans in the sea of rumours . Many more  surprises are there for this update lets wait and watch.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Doozy Diary: The next big thing in journaling on iPhone || Free

Doozy Diary Logo
Doozy Diary logo
iPhone apps certainly come a dime a dozen in our days of neck-breaking digitalization. But then, not many of these arbitrary apps serve their mission with full justice.

Here today, we bring to you the inside story of a fresh candidate on the podium - an itsy-bitsy diary app, Doozy Diary, that has just made scene on iTunes. The app has already started magnetizing eyeballs of E-dairy fascinates.

Let’s sneak a look at what it’s all about.

First Look at Doozy Diary – the simple, chic and convenient diary app for iOS.

Doozy Diary is the latest and the hottest buzz world among the top crop of journaling platforms based on the iOS. The application comes in vibrant graphics, showcases highly fluidic navigations and throws an exquisite range of expedient features.

An intensely user-friendly, heavy-duty and customizable app is Doozy Diary, and it provides its users an array of features to create, save and store their notes, records, memories, daily logs, things-to-do, general reminders, and a lot more.

Doozy Diary is currently available for iPhone and is available on iTunes for free download; however, it is being tipped that the developers will soon roll out an extended version of the app for iPad users as well.

Doozy Diary is a box office app for fulfilling your following purposes:
• Movie logs
• Daily diary
• Food/meal log
• Travel log
• Word processor
• Work journal
• Location/Vacation logs
• Baby book
• Reminders
• Personal goals planner
• Appointment tracks

Amidst a full house of journaling apps available on iTunes for iPhone, Doozy Diary is being slated to back a punch among the users. The app is claiming healthy user rating and unexpected favoritism mainly on the basis of its straightforward framework, feature-rich orientation, easy-flowing GUI and stupendous ease-of-use.

• Refined user-interface, with dynamic color codes and modish graphics
• Master password to lock your notes and make sure your personal life stays personal
• Take images from your camera and use them directly on to your notes
• Sticky notes to make sure you are always mindful of important details and things worth remembering.
• Advanced search filter to travel around your pages and find the one you want
• Doozy Diary allows you to create any number of pages for any particular day
• Email your notes to your loved ones with just one click
• Help your special notes stand apart from the others using “star” to mark them as favorite

Hands on review 
Doozy Diary Free Download on iPhone
Doozy Diary Settings

Doozy Dairy is dual-home paged, i.e. you can either get started by landing on to the home page or by creating a fresh note from the scratch. You can easily set your custom home page using the settings provided in the app.

The settings allow you to configure your default font, home screen and help pages; also, you can change or the turn master password on or off by using the settings.

Lock notes with ease :
Doozy Diary gifts you a sense of absolute authority over your notes. You can lock your notes to make sure no one can access them without your consent. The master password can be used to manage individual passwords set on your notes. Turning off the master password will turn of the passwords set on all other notes.

Doozy Diary Free Download on iPhone
Doozy Diary 
Add images on the fly :
Adding attachments is very convenient on Doozy Diary; you can add up to 10 images on any specific note.

The search filters, too, are highly elegant and austere in approach; you can search your desired notes quick and easy.

Pros and cons (7.5/10)
There’s nothing much to hold back as far as the utility and purposefulness of Doozy diary is concerned. It fulfills all basic rationales of a quick journaling pad and is truly playable when the ballgame is about creating and saving quick notes. The security, sharing and design also get the drift.

Perhaps a fraction or two less in terms of features, when compared with the top cannons in the segment; though, the tiny app levels the scores with its accuracy, response time, free-flowing navigations and most importantly, the purposefulness – why go for something else when one fantastic app can fulfill all the basic functions of an E-diary, and that too without doling out a dime out of your piggy bank. Doozy Diary, indeed, makes it to the top tier of journaling apps on iPhone.

Free Download Doozy Diary : iPhone

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool

Window Print Screen Feature is a very simple and important feature of window. Everyone must know how to use this windows feature. You can capture the screen by just pressing the “prtsc” button on keyboard and that is called print screen.

The Snipping Tool is a program that is part of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Window 8.Windows Snipping Tool lets you take selections of your windows screen and allows you to save them as snips, or screen shots, on your computer and in desired format such as png , jpeg etc..

You can press "prtsn" key on your keyboard to take full screen capture of your window and then open paint and paste and then you can crop the required are with the help of paint. But snipping tool of windows is one step ahead and lets you take a screenshot of only the required area.

How to launch windows snipping tool : 

1.You need to launch snipping tool for windows to get started.Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu
2. Then Search snipping tool , and click on snipping tool as shown in scrrenshot below.
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool

How to use windows Snipping Tool to capture screens :

1. Click on New to use windows snipping tool . 
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool For Windows

2. Then Select one of the options , lets select select rectangular snip.
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Rectangular snip

3. After this select the area you want to take a snip , Logo of Tech Flashed has been taken by using rectangular snip o windows snipping tool. You can save as in your required format.

How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Save Screenshot using windows Snipping Tool

This is how you can take screenshot using inbuilt windows snipping tool.