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Doozy Diary: The next big thing in journaling on iPhone || Free

Doozy Diary Logo
Doozy Diary logo
iPhone apps certainly come a dime a dozen in our days of neck-breaking digitalization. But then, not many of these arbitrary apps serve their mission with full justice.

Here today, we bring to you the inside story of a fresh candidate on the podium - an itsy-bitsy diary app, Doozy Diary, that has just made scene on iTunes. The app has already started magnetizing eyeballs of E-dairy fascinates.

Let’s sneak a look at what it’s all about.

First Look at Doozy Diary – the simple, chic and convenient diary app for iOS.

Doozy Diary is the latest and the hottest buzz world among the top crop of journaling platforms based on the iOS. The application comes in vibrant graphics, showcases highly fluidic navigations and throws an exquisite range of expedient features.

An intensely user-friendly, heavy-duty and customizable app is Doozy Diary, and it provides its users an array of features to create, save and store their notes, records, memories, daily logs, things-to-do, general reminders, and a lot more.

Doozy Diary is currently available for iPhone and is available on iTunes for free download; however, it is being tipped that the developers will soon roll out an extended version of the app for iPad users as well.

Doozy Diary is a box office app for fulfilling your following purposes:
• Movie logs
• Daily diary
• Food/meal log
• Travel log
• Word processor
• Work journal
• Location/Vacation logs
• Baby book
• Reminders
• Personal goals planner
• Appointment tracks

Amidst a full house of journaling apps available on iTunes for iPhone, Doozy Diary is being slated to back a punch among the users. The app is claiming healthy user rating and unexpected favoritism mainly on the basis of its straightforward framework, feature-rich orientation, easy-flowing GUI and stupendous ease-of-use.

• Refined user-interface, with dynamic color codes and modish graphics
• Master password to lock your notes and make sure your personal life stays personal
• Take images from your camera and use them directly on to your notes
• Sticky notes to make sure you are always mindful of important details and things worth remembering.
• Advanced search filter to travel around your pages and find the one you want
• Doozy Diary allows you to create any number of pages for any particular day
• Email your notes to your loved ones with just one click
• Help your special notes stand apart from the others using “star” to mark them as favorite

Hands on review 
Doozy Diary Free Download on iPhone
Doozy Diary Settings

Doozy Dairy is dual-home paged, i.e. you can either get started by landing on to the home page or by creating a fresh note from the scratch. You can easily set your custom home page using the settings provided in the app.

The settings allow you to configure your default font, home screen and help pages; also, you can change or the turn master password on or off by using the settings.

Lock notes with ease :
Doozy Diary gifts you a sense of absolute authority over your notes. You can lock your notes to make sure no one can access them without your consent. The master password can be used to manage individual passwords set on your notes. Turning off the master password will turn of the passwords set on all other notes.

Doozy Diary Free Download on iPhone
Doozy Diary 
Add images on the fly :
Adding attachments is very convenient on Doozy Diary; you can add up to 10 images on any specific note.

The search filters, too, are highly elegant and austere in approach; you can search your desired notes quick and easy.

Pros and cons (7.5/10)
There’s nothing much to hold back as far as the utility and purposefulness of Doozy diary is concerned. It fulfills all basic rationales of a quick journaling pad and is truly playable when the ballgame is about creating and saving quick notes. The security, sharing and design also get the drift.

Perhaps a fraction or two less in terms of features, when compared with the top cannons in the segment; though, the tiny app levels the scores with its accuracy, response time, free-flowing navigations and most importantly, the purposefulness – why go for something else when one fantastic app can fulfill all the basic functions of an E-diary, and that too without doling out a dime out of your piggy bank. Doozy Diary, indeed, makes it to the top tier of journaling apps on iPhone.

Free Download Doozy Diary : iPhone

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool

Window Print Screen Feature is a very simple and important feature of window. Everyone must know how to use this windows feature. You can capture the screen by just pressing the “prtsc” button on keyboard and that is called print screen.

The Snipping Tool is a program that is part of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Window 8.Windows Snipping Tool lets you take selections of your windows screen and allows you to save them as snips, or screen shots, on your computer and in desired format such as png , jpeg etc..

You can press "prtsn" key on your keyboard to take full screen capture of your window and then open paint and paste and then you can crop the required are with the help of paint. But snipping tool of windows is one step ahead and lets you take a screenshot of only the required area.

How to launch windows snipping tool : 

1.You need to launch snipping tool for windows to get started.Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu
2. Then Search snipping tool , and click on snipping tool as shown in scrrenshot below.
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool

How to use windows Snipping Tool to capture screens :

1. Click on New to use windows snipping tool . 
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool For Windows

2. Then Select one of the options , lets select select rectangular snip.
How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Rectangular snip

3. After this select the area you want to take a snip , Logo of Tech Flashed has been taken by using rectangular snip o windows snipping tool. You can save as in your required format.

How to Use Windows Screen Capture Tool | Snipping Tool
Save Screenshot using windows Snipping Tool

This is how you can take screenshot using inbuilt windows snipping tool.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How to use Team Viewer for a Remote Connection Very Quickly

There are instances when you need to access a computer remotely, Most of them are very urgent.Most companies resolve the problems of their customers by using a remote assistance software which enables them to take remote access of the users computer and solve all problems their users are facing. Team Viewer may be used to Share screen. Team viewer is available in free version and licensed version .

How to Connect Two Computers Via Team Viewer :

Step 2.Team Viewer File will be downloaded on your System. Double click on the file to start the installation.Click Next Next to complete the installation. At last you have to Check the licence agreement which is necessary to use Team Viewer.

Step 3. Now you have installed Team Viewer. Now You have to provide your Team Viewer Details to the person who wants to access your system. 
How to use Team Viewer for a Remote Connection Very Quickly
Working Of Team Viewer

You have to Copy the Id and password and send it to you partner Via chat . Once you have sent the above details. The other person can take remote access of your computer. And can resolve all your problems.

Team viewer is being used widely all over the web for quick remote assistance.Team viewer has many more features. You can even chat with the help of team viewer.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts Quickly on Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.


Because of privacy concerns WhatsApp does not allows you to download Pictures of your WhatsApp Contacts,However for some devices there are option to save the profile pic of your whatsapp contacts to gallery. 

How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts Quickly

Here is the steps to get the profile pic of your friends from the WhatsApp :
1. Open Whatsapp on your device

2. Go to Chat screen of your Whatsapp Contact and click on his Profile Picture.
How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts Quickly on Android
Whatsapp Chat Screen

After tapping on profile pic on upper top left, A full screen image of that whatsapp contact will appear on your phone.

3. Close whatsapp when you are able to see the image clearly as for high quality images it might take few seconds to load.

4. Go to "My Files" on your Android Device.Scroll Down to select "whatspp" and then select whatsapp  "Profile pictures".This folder contains Profile Picture of your whatsapp contacts that you have viewed on your Android Device.The Name of the profile will be the contact number of the contact.
Path : /sdcard/whatsapp/Profile Pictures

This is how you can save whatsapp profile pic on your Android Device. If you like the tutorial don't forget to share. Please feel free to ask us anything about technical stuff.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Disable Chrome’s New Right-Click Menu Style Quickly

Google Chrome best browser so far 2013.You might have noticed an annoying change in context menus, context menu opens when you right click anywhere in browser window. Google chrome context menu has evolved to more stylish context menu with small text. Sometimes these new context menu are too irritating because of their self adjusting nature .Good thing is that you can disable the new context menu and get the old style right click menu for Google chrome easily and quickly.

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How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome

1. Right click on Desktop shortcut of Google Chrome and select properties.

How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome


Right click on the Google chrome icon in Task-bar and again right click on Google chrome to Select properties.
How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome

2. After selecting Google Chrome properties , in the "Shortcut" option you have to tweak the "Target" path.
First copy and save the current path somewhere on your system.

How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome

3.Now you have to add  below highlighted text to the end of "Target" field.After giving a space paste the highlighted text shown below.

How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome

You will be asked to provide administrative privileges to change these settings .Click on "Continue" to proceed.And after that click on Apply.
How to get old style right click menu for Google chrome

You can see the change immediately if not restart your browser.This is how you can get back the old right click menu for Google chrome.You can always remove this change and get the default Google chrome right click menu .

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

8 Steps to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers

How to Protect Gmail Account from Hackers

Email privacy is one of the primary concern for all of us as , E-Mail account may contains highly confidential documents, files,reports etc. . Sometimes hackers can intrude into your Gmail account if you have left some security holes. Hacker can use your Gmail account for illegal purposes which can cause great loss to your company or in case of an individuals some times this can be a cause of termination as Emails may have companies highly confidential data. We all know Gmail is popular and is secure but be aware hackers are using latest technology and are more professionals in their work. Technology can sometimes be complicated, but you shouldn’t have to be a computer scientist or security expert to stay safe online.
Steps to Secure Gmail Account form Hackers
Keep Your Gmail Account Safe From Hackers

8 ways to Secure Your Gmail Account :

Steps to Secure Gmail Account form Hackers
Activate 2 step verification
1. 2-step verification :
2-step verificationadds an extra layer of security to your Google Account.It has been observed that many users aren't using this method to secure your account. TechFlashed advises its user to take some time and please enable 2 step verification. It will add an extra layer of security to your Gmail account.Read :How to Enable 2-step Verification in Gmail

2. Track Account Activity(Remotely Sign out all Gmail Sessions) : One of the best way to check your Gmail account is actually hacked or not is to see your Last Account Activity.Fortunately Gmail has provided this good feature to track your own account activity. Read More : How to Sign out Gmail Remotely .

  3. Check URL before login- Whenever you sign up to your Gmail account you should always check the URL which is mentioned on the top of the webpage because there are lots of tricky peoples(hackers) who can develop a duplicate or exact copy of Gmail sign up page with similar url but if you see URL of webpage carefully you can easily see that this is not the Gmail page. These pages are termed as phising screen and such kind of attacks are know as phishing atacks. So its always good to type in the URL everytime you want to login.

4. Always use HTTPS- Everytime when you login to your Gmail account in public place always enable your HTTPS. To activate this setting go to the gear icon, then select "Settings", after that go to the General tab and select "Browser connection" there, where you will see the option "Always use HTTPS" enable that option & then finally save it. Through this whenever you log in to your Gmail account, your Gmail opens with the URL, HTTPS.

5.Choose a Strong password : 
Your password is the only way which keeps your information safe, so always use a strong password and choose unique password for each email Id. You should keep a strong password which should be hard to predict. TechFlashed recommends its readers to use Special characters like "#, @,% , $ etc , You can even use shift and space buttons in passwords as well. Your password should be a combination of alphabets , numeric and special characters and always choose a password which is of more than 8 characters long.

6. Account recovery setting is up-to-date-TechFlashed recommends its users to always update their account recovery options which includes security questions,mobile number , alternate email. So always keep these options updated.

7. Avoid checking emails at Pubic Places- We need to change our habit of logging in with or social accounts in public paces, As some public places might use Keylogger program which records every account activity of your keyboard i.e. whatever you type through your keyboard including your username and password , and it will save and through this computer program, someone can hack your Gmail accountand may misuse your personal information without your awareness. So, always aware of this type of activities and never open your email Id at public places.

8.Don't Reply to Suspicious Emails : 
Never reply to mails that are suspicious and ask for your personal or confidential information, Some times these email redirect to suspicious webpage and ask you to fill a form , please do not fill the form as this info can be used for illegal use.

These are the 8 ways to secure your Gmail account from hackers or unauthorised use.If you know some other way to stay protected please do post it as a comment and we shall update this post.

Don't forget to share this post on social networks and let your friends and family members know how they can make their Gmail more secure and protected from hackers.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Use : Step-by-Step Guide

Want to play tricks with your loved ones and surprise them, then go ahead and introduce them with Fairy, Ask Fairy any question and fairy will respond in her way. Let your friend’s type in the question on and you know what - Fairy will definitely amaze everyone. So Go ahead and get the key to answers. You are the one who can show direction to “ask Fairy”.
Ask Fairy

How to Use AskFairy : Step-by-Step Guide

Go to You will see two text boxes named, “Request Fairy” and “Ask Fairy”.
Requesting Fairy fairy for help is the key to your success.If you know how to Request Fairy on you can trick any person in the world and surprise your friends and family members.

AskFairy : How it works
Ask Fairy

Step 1 : Request Fairy If you know the Answer (First text box):
Type your answer by pressing “.” (Only dot) followed by your answer and end it with “.” 
The text between two dots will be the secret answer you are typing in. As you type your secret answer it will appear as "Fairy I Request You Please Answer My Question" .

AskFairy : How it works
Ask Fairy 

Step 2 .  Ask Fairy  (Second Text Box): 
Now type in the question whose secret answer has been typed in the first text box. 
After completing “Ask Fairy”, click on “Please Answer” .
AskFairy :How it works
Ask Fairy 

Now Fairy will respond and will show you the actual answer you have typed, you know what ,you have surprised your friend and they will ask you to ask the fairy for next question.

Surprise them second time around. 

Ask Fairy If You Don’t Know the Answer: 
Second time around your friend might try a question, whose answer you might not know. In this case you might miss the trick. So tell your friend,Fairy will respond only if you shout the answer loud. Now you know the answer. Repeat the above two  steps. And amaze your friends.

So this is how works . You can use this site to fool your friends this April.

Try Now :

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Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound

Facebook is in the phase of updation, By Updation we mean is Facebook is bringing some changes like Facebook new Facebook feeds are being rolled just prior to that was Facebook graph search which was in the news..

Along with this there is a new feature can be called as "Notification sound of Facebook". By default this feature will be turned on your Facebook account , fortunately there is provision to disable this annoying sound.

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How to Get Rid Of Facebook Notification Sound : 

1. Click on Notification icon and click on settings .
How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound
Disable Facebook Notification Sound

2. Uncheck the check box to disable Facebook notification sound.And click on save changes.

How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound
Disable facebook Notification sound

its very simple to disable Facebook notification sounds. This sound is very similar to Facebook chat sounds and it do causes a confusion and some time its too distracting . However you can disable it if you want .

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely : Sign Out From All The Gmail Sessions Remotely

Many of us has the habit to close the browser without signing out from your email or social networking account or any other account Or you have checked Gmail in some cyber cafe and forgot to signout. Yes, this can happen to you if you are not alert enough sometime you may be in hurry that you forgot to sign out. But you will not even imagine that you email is now exposed and any random person can make use of your Gmail and you can be in trouble if he misuses. More over Gmail account is linked to many other Google and non Google services. Just think how much loss can you be in.
How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely : Sign Out From All The Gmail Sessions Remotely
How to make your Gmail Safe

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Steps to logout all Active session Gmail Account in single click

1. Sign in to Gmail Account with your Login credentials.
2.Scroll down to the bottom of page to see "Last account activity". Now click on "See Details"
On this screen you can see all your previous activities as shown in the screenshot below. You can easily see the browser, place,Ip used on your last account activity.

How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely : Sign Out From All The Gmail Sessions Remotely
How to sign out Gmail Remotely

if your account does not have any last activity , On clicking on see details you will see a screen like the one below.

How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely : Sign Out From All The Gmail Sessions Remotely
Secure Your Gmail account 

Note : Please don't waste a single second to change your password, if you have any doubt that someone is using your Gmail Account.

This was just a small way to protect your Gmail account from unauthorized access and stay unworried. Please spare a moment to share this post and let your friends to know how to be safe and protected while using gmail.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Broadcast a Message In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used  Smartphone app being used these days. Whatsapp lets you connect with your Phone's contact list on the go. Whatsapp can be the considered as the worlds largest social network.Yes whatsapp is giving competition to Facebook.
Many Whatsapp users might not be aware of broadcasting feature of whatsapp. Yes , Using whatsapp messenger,one can send a broadcast message to at-most 25 friends at a time.

How To Broadcast a Message In WhatsApp :

Broadcasting a message is very simple and you just have to follow these simple steps.

1. Open Whatspp on your phone, select menu. Then select "New Broadcast"
How To Broadcast a Message In WhatsApp

2. Now type the names of your friend you want to send a broadcast message. You can select up-to 25 friends for one broadcast message in whatsapp. Once you have selected your contact you have to select create and you will be taken to next screen where you can type your message that you want to broadcast.
How To Broadcast a Message In WhatsApp

3.Once you select create , Now you can write a message to be broadcast.And then click send.
How To Broadcast a Message In WhatsApp

Thats it .If you have completed the above steps that means you have succesfully broadcasted the message on whatsapp.

If you have any query regarding whatsapp or any other technical stuff please feel free to ask from our contact us page or you can post a comment

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