Friday, February 26, 2010

Acer to launch ultra-thin Calpella notebooks :SUPER THIN


Acer is working on a new generation of Intel Calpella platform-based notebooks featuring ultra-thin designs systems sometime during this year . The new notebooks will be based on delayed Intel Calpella chipset, which was released last year in October 2009.reportedly this will be better and very thin.
Wistron will manufacture 13" models while Quanta Computer handles the 14" and 15" models.

Acer is producing these ultra-thin model so much that they could account for up to 40% of Acer’s shipments this year, estimated to be between 13 and 18 million expexted ACER will drop prices of its current ultra-thin notebooks to make them cheaper than Calpella Slim models to separate the two product lines as it could hamper the selling of ultra-thin Calpella notebooks.
The price will be intresting to know , lets hope it is compatible to its features.
this is expected to be the major product for acer in future .


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