Saturday, February 27, 2010

Robots Deployed To Rescue soldiers

The Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot (BEAR)
The US defence system i.e. military is asking engineers to come up with designs for a robot that can help the soldiers in the battlefield and ing injured troops, with minimal or no help from outside.

these robots should be design to work in extreme conditions therefore the army wants a robot with strong arms and grippers that can cope with "the large number of body positions and types of locations in which casualties can be found".
robots should be designed to such a extent that they r capable of escorting injured soldeir from the right route without even prior of the local terrain and geography.
These robots are expected to be tested within 5 years of time .
These will definately increase efficiency and stamina of the soldiers in the battlefeild as they would know someone is there who can rescue them without any loss of life .This is the biggest positive aspect that no life is put into danger while rescuing a soldeir .
Still the work is going on ...


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