Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GOOGLE CHROME comes with Website Translation And Better Security

New Google Chrome browser translates websites ,as well as enhanced privacy controls:

Beta service announced

Google has unveild new version of Chrome, its web browser, featuring enhanced privacy controls and automatic translation. the tool helps the user to specify what kind of language he / she wants the site into ,This is new and unique expereince and this beta version offers the opportunity to set privacy controls that are specific to individual websites. This enhancement is what everyone liked about the all new google chrome .

The Google Chrome inventor team is excited to introduce a new beta feature to help the users navigate the multilingual web: instant machine translation of webpages, without the need for any browser extensions or plug-ins," says the Google Chrome Blog . this would be amazing to know if this feature is installed primarly or one would have to install the plugins to make the feature happen .

"When the language of the webpage you're viewing is different from your preferred language setting, Chrome will display a prompt asking if you'd like the page to be translated for you using Google Translate."

GOOGLE CHROME is now also coming with APPLE MAC OPERATING SYSTEM .and also in LINUX .


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