Saturday, March 13, 2010

I wrote Avatar in 1995: James Cameron

It took 15 years to realise the dream of making the Hollywood's biggest blockbuster, Avatar. The maker of film,

The renound Hollywood filmmaker was in the national capital on his maiden visit to India to attend the concluding session of two-day 9th India Today Conclave on subject "The Future of Cinema".

A producer, director, screen writer, editor and a great inventor, Cameron elaborated the making of Avatar, which recently broke all record oh his previous blockbuster in the history of international cinema, "Titanic".
Nobody ever could have imagined that someday "titanic" record wil be beaten by the same person who made those records .

"I wrote Avatar in 1995. Avatar was the most interesting part of my film career," says Cameron who envisaged a digital cinema revolution to realise his dream.

"It was not capturing the characters that was crucial, but it was CG (computer generated) which was the real challenge. I needed tight shots of CG to make the characters look real," Cameron says.

But the biggest challenge, the filmmaker admits, was to market the movie. "I wanted thousands of digital theatres around the world," he says.

However, at the end, Cameron says it was not the technology which ensures the film's success. "Story, characters and emotions are more important than technology," he concludes.

Bolywood needs to do more research: Aamir
Indian actor Aamir Khan named as MR PERFECTIONIST , who recently gave the Bollywood's biggest hit 3 Idiots, joined Cameron in the debate over the future of cinema. He supported the master filmmaker's point saying that "if a story has a message it becomes more interesting".

"A filmmaker must have an exciting story to tell," Khan says, adding, "If a story excites me, I want to be a part of it."

Appreciating Cameron's efforts in the direction of technological revolution in the cinema industry Khan felt Bollywood lagged behind in research.

"Hollywood has done much more research than Bollywood. We also need to do more research while doing our movies," Khan said.


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