Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"WINDOWS 8" :Will It Stand Up To Expectations Hopefully Not LIKE VISTA

Microsoft expected to have major improvements for Windows 8

Million of users around the world are waiting desprately for new version of windows i.e. windows 8 . Some major improvements are expected as per the reports . Some new critical features are being worked on including cluster support and suppor for one way replications , these are expected in the version .

according to Chris Green, a former Microsoft developer, Microsoft is already hard at work on the best-selling operating system's successor, code named Windows 8.
What most people refer to as Windows 8 will be something "completely different from what folks usually expect of Windows"
MICROSOFT struglled badly during the years of VISTA as it does not stood up to the expectations . IT'S fall was drastic , bad reveiws were all around the place . then windows 7 came it was perhaps the most best operating system ever till date .

MICROSOFT ALL GOING GREAT FOR THEM In January 2010, Internet Explorer 8 became the world's most used browser,

we can expect great revolutionary change in the windows 8 which can perhaps be the future of PC'S .

Windows 8 release date: coming soon


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