Saturday, October 30, 2010

Google Chrome beta 5.0.342.9

Google Chrome is browser that unites small design with complicated technology to make Web quicker, safer, and easier. Enter in address bar and obtain suggestions for search and Web pages. Allow access to prefer pages directly with quick speed from any tab. Desktop shortcuts permit to run favorite Web apps from desktop.

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Google Chrome Can’t Be Hacked
In an altogether different kind of games held in Vancouver, computer-security researchers were invited to hack computers using unknown weaknesses in Web browsers.
TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative, the sponsors of the contests, which paid researchers to discover security bugs, offered prizes of $10,000 for hacks of all the four browsers including versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome.
Chrome was the clear winner, as none even tried to even hack it. Though its win means that the browser is unbreakable or the most secure, but it has some security advantages, according to TippingPoint's Aaron Portnoy, who organized Pwn2Own.
Mr. Portnoy said, "People think that their time is better spent finding bugs in more popular software because it's worth more money. Nevertheless, Chrome, as the newest browser on the market, includes security advances that make it an "interesting target".
Linus Upson, Vice President of Engineering for Chrome, shared that Google has put Chrome in a low-privilege mode that runs commands from the Internet in a virtual machine where they are unable to hurt users' systems.
This approach will be able to deter attacks, which is very important for the reason that antivirus software makers are battling with a whole lot of new attacks designed to know their defenses. These antivirus software makers can only stop known attacks.


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