Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Reasons to go For Android Based Cell Phones

Why to Go for Android Over I-phone ?

10 things Android phones do better than the iPhone IN This Fast and changing tech world there is no limit of choices but when it comes to quality there is huge competetion . As we are moving towards a more digital world cell phones are without a doubt one of the most essential gadgets and one very commonly found in just about everyone’s pocket And One of it is android .So why Is this Android Os so special ?Why the user must go for it . There May be many more reasons BUt the most Important of them are right below :

  1. Hardware:
Android has varous good competetors and what it comes up with is varieties of excellent Hardwares. If You Are an Iphone User You Got Only one Hardware i.e. Is of Iphone but when we talk about Android being the adopted platform of some of the biggest names in mobile manufacturing like HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc. And hence the user can got many number of choices in terms of phone and even with pricing .

  2. Open Source:
The biggest disadvantage of iphone is that it's not an open source platform But when it comes to android It is a open source PLatform .When we talk about about developer of iOS they undergoes some rules and regulation but Android is open source the Developers have moved TO Android Platform ,As they got freedom here . What this has caused is the increse in number of android apps and the quality too has increased

3 . Great UI: 
The major advantage of android is that it provide user to customise the interface to an extend WIth plenty of third party screens .BUt in Ios user has no choice to stuck with the screen and same touch stroke to unlock which is a limitation.

Apple definately has wide variety of apps  But so does Android. Advantage Android has over Iphone Is open Source the chance od android app to be free is likely far more then Iphone's. For free applications, you don’t have to worry about entering a password every time you try to install anything. And you do not have to link to Apple’s iTunes store to purchase applications from the Android Market. For those apps that have a price, you enter your information on the Google Market one time and you’re done.

5. PC connection :
Iphone need Itune to carry out media tranfer from your pc to your Iphone . Itunes may be hard to understand for new users . The main feature  Android comes up with it is it can mount the SD card so that it is usable (via drag and drop) by any operating system. On this you can add music and files, which will then be usable on the phone.

6. Widgets :
Android comes with lots of positives and one of it is widgets, Android widgets are among the best i have ever seen . Android has always proudly said that they work on making information easily available with having to click anything and most definitely these widgets are a great feature.Numbers of widgets are available you can install according to your requirements.

7. Multi-notification :
 One of the issues I’ve always had with the iPhone is its notification system. Basically, it depends upon a single system that not all applications have access too. For instance, if you are a Twitterer, you can find out if you have updates only by opening the Twitter app on the iPhone. With Android, the apps have access to the notification system and can all report. The notification bar on the Android phone can alert you to new voice messages, email messages, Facebook notifications, new Gmail, new text messages, and much more. If an app has a notification, it can let you know quickly, and in the background.

8. Google integration:
 Android is really quick with the kind of interface it provides , And with Gmail integrated it is an great way to be in touch with your gmail and gtalk buddies . Needless to say you can still download apps for another accounts other then gmail from adroid market .

 9. Browser Experience:
Flash Integration In android browser makes it even more reliable and attractive and easy to use,The experience you will get on Android Browsing Is as close to the experience you have got on your laptop .

10. Endless personalization :
 The Android phone allows users to configure their mobile to look and behave exactly how they want it. If you’re a social network power user, you can have a screen for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for texting, and one for Flickr. Or if you are a business user, you can have a screen for contacts, for your calendar, for gmail, for email, for RSS, and more.  The possibilities are endless with the Android phone. With the iPhone, you’re pretty much limited to what Apple says.

There are numerous more reason why you should go for android over iphone .Now its time to stop thinking and go for Android . 

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