Saturday, September 10, 2011

Connecting your BlackBerry smartphone to a Wi-Fi network : How to

Many Blackberry users across the world have problem while connecting there smartphone to a wi-fi network .I can understand it can be very frustating owning a blackberry and having no wi-fi , I got a Solution For you .
It depends upon the operating system and which blackberry phone are you using at the time of connectivity.

One of the major problem in blackberry smartphones is that it only show open networks. IN such a case just follow these simple steps .
step 1. Go to main menu .
step 2 . Select Manage connections .
step 3. Select setup wi-fi network  and unselect show opent network only.
Now your blackberry smartphone will accept password protected networks too.

How To manually connect to the wi-fi if the securty details are known to you ??
Step1. Go to Main Menu  > Select "Manage Connections".
Step2. Select "Set-up Wi-fi network".
Step3. Select "other ways to connect".
Step4. Select "Manually connect to network"
Step5. Type network name
step6. Choose Security Type i.e WEP,WPA/WPA2
Step7. Type password.

If All these tips doesnt work then its time to update the operating system , we suggest you to update it to os6 or higher . That's it , I think You van now access wi-fi on your blackberry smartphone .


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