Monday, September 12, 2011

Google releases Google Music web app for iPhone and iPad

Google as always comes up with some excting apps Google has released a Google music app by which you can listen to your Google Music collection comfortably on your iPhone or iPad .It was announced by google on twitter .Those users that have an account can now listen to their collection very easily which was not easy earlier .

The app looks really nice and catchy and is probably better than any other app. Hopefully this is a sign of good design to come.While talking about the functionalties its is just like a music player with no provisions for uploading music or browse any catalogs of music, much like the rest of the Google Music service at the moment.
You can browse songs by artist, album, genre or playlist, if you have any set up. Once you have a song playing, the app can also be left to play in the background and you can control it using the built-in music controls on iOS just like any other audio source. There is also a search function, if your library is that big. You can see the new web app from your iOS device at, as long as you have an invite to the service of course.
Update: Says Google on the topic of a native iOS app, “we’re considering all options to bring the service to more people, but don’t have anything official to share.”


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