Saturday, September 10, 2011

iTunes Connect : Auto Download Your Reports

Apple Users must be delighted to know that Developers has Introduced a new utilty that gives you the freedom to automate the download of users sales and trends reports. You can Easily Get this tool directly from Apple’s Developer site.

One of the exciting features is once you learn to make an iPhone app, is to earn some cash with the app you created. Easily track your progress in the sales and trends reports available from Apple.

Learning to develop apple apps can earn you huge profits if you learn to promote, and sell your apps with the right techniques. Apple constantly has devolped tool to help there users to do the same.

Tracking your progress and reports is only one exciting feature od this tool. You can learn to design iPhone apps and properly market them with the guides featured on this site. Mobile development is still soaring and it is never too late to learn to make iPhone apps as the market is changing very rapidly.
You can find more information about these new features in the iTunes Connect 
Developer Guide 7.0


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