Saturday, September 10, 2011

Updating Facebook status via e-mail

Almost all the companies /colleges /school have blocked Facebook browsing .There is a reason for this as many students/employes have seen browsing facebook in working hours .Fortunately there is a way out for updating the facebook staus by an E-mail .

You have to follow these Five simple steps :

 Step 1: Login to your Facebook account from  Facebook page.

Step 2: Now navigate to in the same browser (but not from mobile)

Step 3:Remember the e-mail address shown on the page under the title Upload via Email.

Step 4: Create a new contact in your e-mail client of choice or on your mobile device with the e-mail address from above.

Step 5:Now you can easily send email to the new contact with the status update text as the subject of the e-mail and it will post to your Facebook page. as status .

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