Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Download Windows 8 Developer preview Free

Recently Microsoft has released its Windows 8 Developer Preview operating system, for PCs and tablets. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said earlier that over 500000 copies of its Windows 8 preview have been downloaded since its debut , evidence of interest in an operating system that will vie with Apple Inc. software. , to the public as a free download. This is the same software which Microsoft gave to developers on prototype Samsung tablets Build conference in Anaheim.Here you can download windows 8 preview. It is available free. Read the article and download windows 8 preview.

Download Windows 8 Developer preview Free

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Microsoft windows 8 is being available in three different versions of Windows 8 for download (two versions built for 64-bit systems which use new processors and can make use of more RAM, versus older 32-bit PCs that use earlier chips and less memory), which all show up as an ISO file when downloaded. The three versions also vary in size and as an ISO file will need to be downloaded and burned to a DVD or installed on a bootable USB drive before being installed (Microsoft, of course recommends using Windows Disc Image Burner on Windows 7 to get the ISO file onto a DVD). The three versions, all in English, are: Windows Developer Preview with developer tools, 64-bit: A 4.8-gigabyte download, this version includes Windows 8 Developer Preview operating system with a Windows software developer kit for Metro style apps made up of Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express and Microsoft Expression Blend 5, as well as 28 preview apps. Windows Developer Preview, 64-bit: A 3.6-gigbyte download, this version is made up of just the Windows 8 Developer Preview OS and the 28 preview apps -- no added developer tools Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit: The smallest of the bunch, this 2.8-gigabyte download includes the Windows 8 Developer Preview OS and the 28 preview apps. Since this is a preview version of Windows 8, it still has plenty of bugs that need to be fixed. This isn't yet even a beta release and not polished enough for the mass market.

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So if you're interested in downloading this early release, it might be a good idea to install it on a spare PC rather than your main computer. If you only have one computer, do consider the risk here. Microsoft has said that all Windows 7 apps should work in Windows 8 on desktops and laptops, but there are no guarantees that will hold true at this point given the OS is in development.

Download Here -  Windows 8 Download 

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