Sunday, October 16, 2011

How To Extract Text from Images Quickly

Extractin text from images is no more difficult . With The help of GT Text users can copy text from images And use the text as required. Sometimes copying text from an image is very important while making reports , But dont worry we got a solution for it .This App extracts the text from the desired image easily .
Two versions are available one is portable other is installer . The portable version comes in a zip file. So first extract the files and then run the exe file. If you want, you can install the app also.
One the app is ready and installed on your system what you have to do is locate the image from which you want to extract text using GT text. And as soon as you select the image it will appear in GT text screen
Now, to extract the text from the image that you have selected,
->Click on tools-copy text from-full image. This will copy any text that is there on the image and display it on a window. If you want text from a selected area, you can do that by selecting the area from where you want the text to be extracted. Then, the app will display only the text that is present within the area that you have selected.
This app is really usefull in extracting text which is sometime difficult . You can download this app from Download GT Text.


  1. thanks for the post but this requires image recognition tech PDF OCR


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