Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows System

Thinking or dreaming about installing and running android apps and games on your Pc you are definately at right place  because BlueStacks has just turned your Dream into reality. BlueStacks is an  App Player for Windows PC is a freeware software download that allows users to quickly run their favorite Android apps and games on any Windows PC, tablet or laptop.By using BlueStacks App you can Play Android apps fast and in full-screen Mode providing a unique and new user experience.
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 How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows System Step By Step Procedure :

Getting started with BlueStacks App.

1.  Download BlueStacks App Player and install it on your PC.INstallation Process is simple and quick. As You download and start with Bluestacks app you can see there are 9 pre installed apps but good thing you can always add your desired apps by clicking on  ‘Get More Apps’ icon .

2. As you click on ‘Get More Apps’ icon your default browser will open the ‘BlueStanks Channels’
You can use your Facebook Account to login into the page and Click the ‘Subscribe’ button below each apps icon to install the app.  . also have to install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App from the Market on your Android device. This App also syncs apps between your PC and your phone or tablet.The app will ask you for a unique pin number and then sets up the connection with your PC, allowing you to push over apps from your device. This will proved a unique interface between your computer and android .

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