Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to set startup password on Google Chrome

Privacy and security are two main important aspects of working online . Isn't that's wht there is need of user authentication to get protected from unauthorized access .There are lot of applications to protect your computer systems like Username/password , Thumb recognisation and Face recognisation. Now you can protect your Google Chrome also from  access. You can use one special Google Chrome extension Simple Startup Password for protect your Chrome.

How to set startup password on Google Chrome
1. First go to this link : Simple Startup Password INstallation is veri simple and quick

How to use ?
 2. How to manage this extention : Just go to Tools and select extension.

3.To setup A password for your chrome Click on Options of Simple Startup Password .

4. Now enter your password and press save button

 5. Now you are done with protecting your browser . whenever a browser opens it asks for a password . You can always change your password in the plugin settings.
 NOTE:Do not lose or forget your password! “Remind”Sometimes doesn't work!. IN such a case You’ll have to reinstall your browser!

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