Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Turn Your Windows PC Interface Into Mac

 Bored of the traditional window look try all new Mac Interface in windows .Just get your system a totally different Theme when you try to change the appearence of your system .Today I am not only talking about the appearence but also changing the look of Os.

Lion Skin Pack is a software that will transform your Windows PC into Mac like OS by installing some MAC icon packs, Mac boot screen and much more.

INstallation of Lion Skin pack is very easy and quick as it requires no patch and stuff like that .One thing You must remember is that Skin packs can be difficult to uninstall therefore I will suggest you to make a restore Point of your system , the best thing would be if you can make a backup Disk .

 For Windows 7, download Lion Skin Pack 10 and if you are a Windows XP user, try Lion Skin Pack 2

1. Download Link for lion skin pack are available above so you can easily download it. Then you have to run the installer .

2. Once the lion skin pack is installed on your system it will ask you to Reboot the system. Do so, by clicking finish.

3.After Rebooting what you will see is that the system has been transformed into all new Mac INterface.

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