Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Twitter Like a Professional

Shortcuts leads you to Fast Results and response if you are good at shortcuts you not only saves time but it also increases your efficiency .Having A good hand at keyboards shortcuts makes you waork as a professional because most modern operating systems and associated software and online applications have varous keyboard shortcuts which one must know.And you must consider them an essential element of your routine interactions with a computer.
NOw talking about twitter a great social networking site .Have you thought that it has shortcuts ?? The answer is YES , Twitter do contains varous usefull shortcuts. Ever since Twitter redesigned its website they’ve incorporated some handy features, shortcuts among them. In this article,Now the point is how you can see this feature.

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How Do I Access Shortcuts On Twitter? 
1.First login to your twitter account .
2.Now use this "Shift" + "?"
 List of shortcuts will pop up in the screen with their repective uses in the three categories
 i.e Actions , Navigation , Timeline As in Image below.

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