Monday, November 7, 2011

Send 1 GB Large Files Online Quickly : FREE

Having difficulties in sending large data across your mailing friends . I was also having a similar problem as the email providers such as gmail only provide 25mb of data that can be send once and only being able to send to Gmail users . what if you have to send a file which is above 25 mb ? Dont you worry i got a solution for you which will not only allows you to send data of upto 1 GB but also to any email address, no matter if it’s Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail . And will not cost you any money i.e its FREE .The Method is simple and allows you to send email to more then one contact at a time .

How It Works :
 Registration is simple and quick you have to fill 3 basic feilds Your name, your email address, and your desired password. That’s all. You’re registere. Now YOu are ready to send files. If you dont want to register , you can login with your facebook account within seconds .

Userfriendly Interface :

As the screenshot itself says its very easy and upto the point . In the upper right corner you can also see your free sending limit for the current month. Yes , Its 1 gb Of data can be send in a single month . I guess its sufficient but if you want more KIcksend does not disappoint you ,You Can expand your limit to 1.5 Gb . If 1.5 Gb is still unsufficient you can go for  premium packages. Then you can have 10+ GBs.

 NOTE : By using The web App You can send data upto 150 mb at one go . For sending data of more then 150 mb you need to switch to their Desktop App which is also FRee   and fast to download,

 Go to KickSend 

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