Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Online Tools For Converting Documents

Today many of us may required to change the format of the original document into some another document. Its may be in order to have compatible software with you or may be for some other reason. Keeping that in mind Techflashed publishing a number of tools which help you in converting your document format into some other format.

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1. DocsPal
DocsPal is a free online file converter that supports all kinds of documents, videos, images, e-books and archives. It also allows you to see your converted file in your browser itself without installing any other software. It helps help you to convert your document into required format by just three simple and easy steps.


DOCX2DOC allows you to convert your document format from from DOCX to DOC.
3. PrimoPDF
PrimoPDF is a website that provides a online tool(PrimoOnline) that is absolutely free, fast and an easy way to convert your document into PDF files. Moreover it allows you to mail that converted PDF file to your e-mail id. You don’t have to install a single thing for this, all you have to do is upload or provide the link of your document and enter your email address and you will automatically received the required document in the required format.
PDF Online
4. Neevia
Neevia Document Converter allows  one to many of the file formats(doc, docx, xls, ppt…) that are used daily to PDF or image. You need not to install anything on your system, just upload it and you will be able to convert in in your required format.
Neevia Technology
5. Investintech
Investintech is an online document converter that allows you to convert your docx document to doc document. It also allows you to convert PDF files to word document.
6. Doc2PDF
Doc2PDF is free online word to PDF and PDF to word converter between Microsoft Word(.docx/.doc) and Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF(.pdf) with a single click.
Doc to pdf
7. pdf2jpg
pdf2jpg is a online tool to convert a PDF file to JPG image.
8. CometDocs
CometDocs allows you to create pdf files from your document.
9. Adobe Create PDF
This is an online tool provided by Adobe to create PDF file for your existing word document.
10. pdf to word converter
PDF to word is an online tool that allows you to convert pdf file into word documents by just uploading your file in just one click.

PDF to Word


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