Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How To Use Your Android Phone As a Wireless Modem

Have a laptop but no Wi-Fi? Turn your Android phone into a modem and get your computer connected to the Internet in seconds.

For surfing internet on your pc you can use your android phone as a wireless modem.you can surf the internet without rooting your android phone.This is the most simple and easiest way to turn the android mobile as a wireless modem for your pc.This requires an android phone,a free android app and a pc.
No assessment of your firmware is required for your PdaNet android app.this is a free android app which is used regularly and works smoothly on android phones.Your computer is allowed to go online through the Android phone's Internet connection.

Mac and PC is supported.It is easy and fast.Your phone can be connected to 3G data or Wifi,even through VPN.PdaNet will help in sharing the connection with your computer.

You have to follow these basic steps .

Step 1:PDAnet can be downloaded for your computer from here and has to be installed on your PC.

Step 2:After the installation .Now download PDAnet for your android phone from here and install it on the android device.

Step 3:After it has been installed onyour phone run the app and tap Enable USB Tether.

Step 4:now the Android phone is connected using your USB cable and I nternet gets connected automatically.Or the Pdanet tray icon is clicked and your computer goes online instantly.

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