Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 Tips To Avoid Laptop Overheating Easily

5 Tips To Avoid Laptop Overheating Laptops are really handy in many ways but as we keep on using them for intense works Laptops show some indications of degrading which may be in the sign of Overheating Of laptops. The Main reason is laptop are meant for soft stuff  , sometime excessive use of high Graphic games can lead a laptop to start getting heat up in early days . You can not ignore this heatups as it can probably turn off your system at anytime which could have a very bad impact on your system. The Laptops are designed in such a way that as soon the temperature inside a Laptop reaches to a limit, the Laptop immediately shuts down with the help of thermo sensors. Now how to Avoid or Fix  Laptop Overheating ?

Follow these Simple Ways to Avoid Laptop Overheating :

1. Clean up :
The first step is to clean the dust accumulated Inside your laptops which might be the primary reason of overheating. Open your Laptop cover from behind and clean the heatsink with the cotton and don't use any kind of sprays in this area. HeatSink is used to Allow the release of Heat if it get jammed due to dust particle your laptop will start heating up. If your heatsink doesn’t work anymore, replace it immediately.

2. Keep Your Laptop On A Flat Hard surface :
 This tip is due to the fact that laptops suck in cooling air through their bottoms And if the laptops is surfaced on blankets and on pillows the cooling air will never reach inside and result of it would be heat builds up . So It is advised to keep your laptop on Hard and flat surface to prevent it from overheating.

3. Reduce Running Processes On Your Windows :
You must have observed that Running too many processes simultaneously will generate more heat and load on your Laptop. Good Solution is to customize the Run command " Msconfig " . As Msconfig window open deselect the unwanted services from start up and services . This will reduce load on processor and hence will prevent laptop overheating.

4. Buy a Laptop Cooler :
Laptop cooler is very efficient in reducing the Heat generation as discussed earlier laptop suck air from bottom . And when laptop cooler is placed just under the laptop it will suck the heat from the laptop and will contribute in cooling of laptop.

5. Selection Of Power Mode :
 Laptop provides custom power options " select a power mode " . In most laptop it is located near the batter meter . By using this option you can customize the power to be utilized.  Power saver mode consumes less resources and will generate lee heat .

These are the 5 Tips To Avoid Laptop Overheating , If you still observe over heating of laptop its time to change the fan or some utility that has stopped working efficiently and its time for calling technical support for replacement or for purchasing . If you have something to share with us regarding this article please post it as a comment .


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