Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Find Out Who’s your most valuable friend on Facebook

Who’s your most valuable friend on Facebook :
After the huge success of MVF for Twitter which is so simple and large number of tried MVF for twitter and found there most valuable follower on twitter .The success lead to the creation second tool i.e MVF for Facebook which allows any facebook user to find out their most valuable Facebook friend . The information is so correct and is based on number of subscriber and many more things.

Who’s your most valuable friend on Facebook and twitter

Using This is tool is so easy you only have to sign in via facebook and your MVF will be automatically generated .The thing i like the most is that you not only get your MVF but you can find out your top 5 MVFs if you decide to share your #1. It seems to be funny finding MVF on facebook  but This has serious potential as it is a  kind of analytic data  which can be very benificial for individuals and companies .
Check this amazing app MVF for Twitter & Facebook .

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