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How To Save Web Page as PDF, JPEG and PNG [Firefox Add-on]

Each and every browser comes with a feature of save as  which lets you read that webpage in future .But this option when used creates a folder of all the files and is not easy to find the important file in the folder.
No need to worry we got a solution for you by using the Firefox powerful Add-on Pdf-It!.
PDF It! is a excellent Firefox Add-on that helps you saves a webpages as a PDF or an Image file. Pdf-it! can help you save your webpage in the format PDF format , Jpeg image and Png image format. Techflashed recommends you to save your webpage in Pdf format as it will be easier to read from it But choice always remain according to the use .
How To Save Web Page as PDF, JPEG and PNG  [Firefox Add-on] ?

The Installation of this firefox add-on is very easy and will be as a option in the right-click options And after this you can save your any webpage by just a right click .

How To Save Web Page as PDF, JPEG and PNG  [Firefox Add-on]
Follow these Basic Steps :

1.Open the desired  webpage in Mozilla firefox you want save as PDF/PNG/JPG. You have to simply right click on it then select Pdf It! then Save as PDF then you have to choose Whole page.

2. Now choose your PDF storage location and click on save .

3. Same process is used to save the webpage as image i.e Jpeg or Png.

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