Sunday, February 26, 2012

Skip YouTube Video Ads Quickly Without Waiting

YouTube The most familiar site on internet , millions of users visit Youtube and watch desired videos, But now a days Ads are displayed just before the video start streaming , Which not only waste the valuable time of user and also annoys the user as it is a kind of blockage between the video and the user ..The solution to this problem is to use Google chrome Extention  "Skip ads on YouTube - No illegal block" by which you can skip YouTube ads in videos with ease .A new button on YouTube which skips the current ad and start the main video. It will always work.

How to Skip YouTube Video Ads Quickly Without Waiting

How To Skip YouTube Video Ads Quickly Without Waiting ?

As you can see a button will be displayed on every video on which ads starts . you can easily skip the youtube ads by just clicking on the button and start watching your video .

Installing these chrome extentions are far more easy then installing any software to skip the ads . These extentions are also easy to manage with the help of Go To  option in your google chrome browser  which lets you enable and disable any chrome extention



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