Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple Lets Movies Into iCloud And Upgrades Apple TV

Apple Will start letting users to store movies on its iCloud remote storage service, allowing them to access their movies from PCs, iPhones and other Apple devices through the Internet.This Move by Apple makes easier for people who buy movies through iTunes to play them on the various devices they own.This System enables devices such as the iPad and the iPhone retrieve content wirelessly.
Apple Lets Movies Into iCloud And Upgrades Apple TV

Apple is also upgrading its Apple TV set-top box so that it can play movies in "1080p" format, the highest-resolution commonly used video standard.This looks really impressing.Apple Tv which comes with a remote, will still cost around $99. The upgraded version will go on sale next week.The box will continue to offer online movie streaming services that require monthly subscriptions such as Netflix . Movies from Sony Corp. and the Walt Disney Co. will work on iCloud.

"ICloud now supports movies, starting today," Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a packed presentation in San Francisco. Supporting movies on icloud sounds really good as Apple's iCloud saved only users' songs, photos and documents on its computer servers which was really annoying for movies lovers .


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