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Best Cracking April Fool Tricks for Geeks

1st April A date you are authorized to fool one another . The day is marked by the commission of good-humoured or otherwise funny jokes. Computer system can be the source of some funny stuff sometimes . For Geeks or Nerds April fools day should be geeky. Here are some Geeks tricks of celebrating April fools day with your loved one . This page will be updated regularly till 1st April So Bookmark this Page for More Pranks This April fool.
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

Best April Fool Pranks for Geeks : 

1.Fun with Mice : 

10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

One can fool someone by adding some tape over the mouse's laser tracker  which will disable the functioning of mouse  .If you have some Time One more thing you can do is change the mouse's settings for More confusion.

2.BlueScreen Prank :
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

This is perhaps the most astonishing if you successfully execute the prank .You must find an experienced candidate who are likely to have suffered the pain of BlueScreen ( Also named as Screen Of Death ) . After finding the candidate for the Prank you have to display Bluescreen wallpaper on her screen just to make him worried . What can you do is add a screensaver of bluescreen error while she is not at desk . when she returns see the after affects of the Prank .

3.Add Screenshot Wallpaper :
Freak out your friend or a family friend and even your school teacher by this one .What you have to do is take a screenshot of their current working area then set it as the desktop wallpaper .And DON'T FORGET to Hide the actual taskbar and disable desktop icons (right-click the desktop and choose "Arrange Icons By" and uncheck "Show Desktop Icons.") , As soon as Your Victim returns Sit and watch the Barren clicks .

4.Break" Victim's LCD Screen with Wallpaper :
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks
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This could be very interesting if executed with an awesome timing . Download the broken LCD desktop wallpaper and  set it as your victim's desktop wallpaper and don't forget to hide the taskbar and icons.

5.Create a Shutdown Shortcut that Looks like a Folder : 
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

Initially you need to know how you have to create a shortcut icon for Shutdown , Then you must replace the shortcut icon with the folder like icon .
How to create a shortcut for Shutdown ?

Right click on desktop Then go to "new" , Then Select " Shortcut " . A prompt will be displayed asking you to enter the location of the item .
For shutdown you have to type this without quotes "Shutdown.exe -s -t 00" . Further it will ask you to name the shortcut . You Must enter something catchy to attract the victim to click on it .

Next thing you must do is to change the icon by right clicking on the shortcut and then select "change icon" And select a folder like icon .

In this way you can make a prank on anyone you like to .

6.Connect a Wireless USB Mouse Or Keyboard Into Victim's  PC :
After connecting Your Mouse or a Keyboard You can easily irritate or astonish the victim by typing an extra letter, or move the mouse randomly. If you do it right, you can have some fun with this one for a long time.

7.Add a Interesting Message Into their System Clock :
you can Add custom text into the clock , That will be visible in the taskbar. Mind you The victim may not be known to this tricks and might not know how to correct it either. 

8.Setup Task Scheduler Jobs to Launch Random App :
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

This could be seriously irritating for anyone . Just go to task scheduler create a new task , Don't forget to Repeat task every 5 minutes .

9. Change mouse pointer To look Always busy :
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks
This trick isn't the best but can be handy sometimes Its very simple to Implement .Go To "Control Panel" >  Mouse > Change the pointer . Victim will think the computer is hanging all the time, but it’s really not.

10.Swap Mouse Right And left button :
10 Best April Fool Tricks for Geeks

This one is very interesting as the PC user are addicted to what they are used to , if you can  reverse the Button's working this can be irriating for the victim and funny for you Big time .You can change these setting by going to Control Panel and select mouse and "switch primary and secondary buttons" . Click on Apply !

11.Block Favorite website :
For this you must know the victim's first website choice whenever she surfs the net . This one is one of the best .
A. Browse C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc
B. Find the file named “HOSTS”
C. Open it in notepad
Now Simply add the site url you want to block . Save it .The moment you save that file , the site will not be accessible .

I am leaving with these funny pranks you can do with your loved ones for fun . If you have any suggestion's do post it as a comment we will love to add to this list .These were the best april fool pranks you can do this year .
Notice : Have fun but not at the cost of any loss of data or any kind of harm to  a system .

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