Sunday, March 4, 2012

Convert Files into Different Formats Using Email

Convert Files into Different Formats Using EmailConverting document formats sometimes becomes a necessary due to various reasons such as incompatibility of the document with the system and may be some other reasons . There exist Some online tools for converting documents from one format to another .

But recently Zamzar, a popular tool for converting files online has come with a very new and innovative converter that lets you convert your document via email . You have to send an email to Zamzar specifying the desired formats and they will convert your document within no time .

How To Use Email For Converting Files into Different Formats

Convert Files into Different Formats Using Email

You need to forward the email with the attachment to a specific email address like where format represents the file type of the desired output format . The output format has to be downloaded from zamzar site . No need to create any account at Zamzar The only disadvantage is that you can convert files up to 1 MB in a single batch. For bigger files you have to go for pro account .This works fine even with Mobile .


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