Thursday, March 29, 2012

Convert your Android CellPhone Into Metal Detector

It happens a lot when someone incidentally dropped pin,screw,paperclip etc on the carpet or the place where it is not easy to find it again.Now Android makes it very easy to find these things  through a new application metal detector.Metal detector application uses  magnetic sensors in the phone to produce magnetic field around the object and show it on the screen.
Convert your Android CellPhone Into Metal Detector

When the object will be far away from the magnetic sensor of the phone then the value of the magnetic field will be low and the green light will be shown by the indicator

Convert your Android  CellPhone Into Metal Detector

And when you start coming closer to the object then the indicator light turns to red from green and the value of the magnetic field increases gradually.

This has been noted that this metal detector does not work on gold and platinum objects.But it can help you to find paperclip, leather-man multitool and metal screw.

If in anyway this application helps you to find lost particles,  then share your experience with others by commenting on this.

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