Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Open Multiple Homepages On Your Browser

Homepage is basically meant for an instant access to an webpage whenever you connect to internet. One must utilize the homepage feature with more fruitful way . Since any user will want to have an instant access to their favorite websites , one can use multiple homepages so that there is no need to enter the url of your most visited favorite sites , Your favorite websites will open automatically on startup of your browser .

Multiple Homepages For Chrome :
Lets have a look how to implement multiple homepages for the browser chrome . Since chrome is the most popular browser so we are starting with chrome .
How to set multiple homepage tabs on the Chrome browser :
1.Go To options
2.In Basics settings tab you have to select the radio button with On start up "Open The following Pages "
3. Add your favorite websites here .
Multiple Homepages For Chrome
Multiple Homepages For Chrome 

These sites will automatically open when you open the chrome browser next time .

Multiple Homepages For FireFox :
Enabling multible homepages in Mozilla Firefox is easy too . You can easily implement it from the firefox settings .
1. First go to options of mozilla firefox .

2.2.Then in the home page you can write number of websites seprated by a vertical bar " | " , just like the screenshot below .
Multiple Homepages For FireFox
Multiple Homepages For FireFox 

You can get maximum benefits of your browser by using such tricks and tips .You can try this on different browsers as well .Hope you will definitely like this one . If you have something interesting related to this article do post it as a comment .


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