Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Transfer Data Wirelessly In Android

Android gives a another Software in the market for the android lovers. Now this software "data cable"  is available free of cost in the android market . By the help of this Android App you can transfer the data between your pc and the android phone wirelessly Quickly.
How  to Transfer Data Wirelessly In Android
By the help of this software you can browse your pc folders directly from your Android phone.So its looks very easy to transfer the data without using any wires and all.

To take the benefit of this software.

1- First you have to install the software from the android market on to your android  phone.Installing this app is real quick .

2- After installing  Software Data Cable App  on the phone you have to make sure that your phone and your pc is connected on to the same network over the Wi-Fi network. when the devices will be connected on to the network the start up screen will look like this.
How  to Transfer Data Wirelessly In Android
Software Data Cable

Now press the start button after pressing the start button the screen will show the FTP address. Now type this same FTP address on to the computer's file manager. After that the pc will automatically search your phone/tablet and shows the contents of your pc on to the phone/tablet.

Download the Software Data Cable App here


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