Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Fix Invalid Server Certificate Issue In Google Chrome

Its been just a few days that Million of google chrome users were facing an Invalid server certificate issue on their Chrome browser .The chrome users were worried as they were thinking that they might be a victim of some hack . In such a case we must let you know That it was just a technical issue and the issue has been resolved quickly as expected . Chrome released an update named Chrome Stable which will help you to Fix the Invalid server certificate issues and let you fix the problem .

One of the Google group Thread Got an Update from the google employee " Sie Deen Aguilar " that they got an update named Chrome stable which will help Chrome users to fix the Invalid server certificate issue .She also said thanks to everyone for reporting the issue which helped them to troubleshoot the issues by having relevant information.

How To Update Google Chrome :
1. Click On Wrench and then click on about google chrome .
How to Update Google Chrome
Google Chrome 

2.Then Google chrome will automatically check for the updates if their are updates available click on relaunch Button to get the updates .The new version of Chrome Stable is 18.0.1025.152 .
How To Update Google Chrome

Once you Update the google chrome Browser the Problem Of Invalid server Certificate will be resolved . Now you can enjoy Your favorite chrome Browser Just like before .


  1. when trying to connect to a site such as logging into online banking or email i get the error of invalid server certificate - this only seems to be on https:// web pages. what do i do?

  2. Hey becky! you need to clear your cookies and get your browser updated, sometime if your browser is already updated or not updating,
    Remove and add Google chrome again in Firewall allowed list and in task manager close the Google chrome Properly,
    Restart your system and you're done

  3. Can I ask why nobody, on this particular problem, on all the different websites that speak of this problem ... Why doesn't anybody think to check the version / quality of their Antivirus? On the 2 different computers I've come across that had this problem, they also experienced minor problems in Internet Explorer not working properly. Hence it's not a Google problem!

    I've you've recently ran a system restore or had to remove a virus/malware infection, then certain parts of your system might be broken just a little bit.

    I've found when using either Kaspersky IS 2012/2013 or Bitdefender IS 2013, after uninstalling them the problem went away! Then reinstalling the protection and the problem ceased to exist! Either way, I want to help the progression of people solving this problem. It would be nice to have a complete conversation thread with an answer at the end of it! ... Without people just pointing the finger at google!

    If anyone has had any other points of success with this other than the ridiculous idea of changing the date in the computer to an incorrect date, I would love to hear it!

  4. i also have a problem, i hope someone can help me. where in i cannot visit gmail website, every time i visit the website using my laptop i am getting error msg saying "

    Incorrect certificate for host.

    The server presented a certificate that doesn't match built-in expectations. These expectations are included for certain, high-security web sites in order to protect you.

    Error 150 (net::ERR_SSL_PINNED_KEY_NOT_IN_CERT_CHAIN): The server's certificate appears to be a forgery. """""" I've tried to follow the said steps above but it says update server not available (error 3) and above the said google chrome there is 16.0.904.0

    uhhhh anybody can help me,. :-(

  5. sherri's pawspaJuly 8, 2014 at 11:26 PM

    I don't have the version 18.0.1025 but when I try to update, chrome says I am updated. I cannot get on facebook. I keep getting invalid server cert. page. what can I do. I have a 5 year old mac

  6. This doesnt help me. My computer is up to date and it wont even allow me 'report an issue'

  7. when i try to fix this problem my chrome show this invalid message........
    plz help me someone....

  8. It didn't help.
    This damn error can't be gone because i'm using Win Xp even i tried the newest version of Chrome which is sooooooooooooo heavy.

  9. Wat to do for this guys....

  10. it is coming update server not available error3

  11. update server not available[error no 3]


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