Monday, April 9, 2012

Mahalo Apps Goes Free for Android , iphone And Ipad is a good web directory and Internet-based knowledge exchange (question and answer site).Mohalo started as a search engine and then they experimented and turned into some sort of a Q&A site and now Mahalo is focused on creating mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Initially the Apps by Mahalo were costing around about 4-5$ But they are now available on Google play and itunes for free recently .You can download mahalo apps for free and get all the benifits of the app on your Android , Iphone or an Ipad .

Mahalo Apps Goes Free for Android , Iphone And Ipad
Mahalo Apps For Iphone

Mahalo apps arefocused on learning music instruments, video game walkthroughs, cheatsheets and software tutorials. Mahalo apps have Easy video tutorials accompanied by exercises .These apps have excellent user interface and some of them are really usefull.

Install Mahalo for Android

Install Mahalo for Iphone

Install Mahalo for Ipad


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