Thursday, June 28, 2012

BlueStacks Enables You To Port Android Apps On Mac

BlueStacks have enabled users To use android apps and games on Windows 7  . How to run android apps on mac ? The magic of BlueStacks is now not limited to windows only , Everyone will be glad to know that By using BlueStacks one can port Android apps on Mac also .

BlueStacks Enables You to Port Android apps to Mac

In addition to the Android basics apps , Bluestacks will let users to run several apps from BlueStacks partners such as HandyGames, CreativeMobile, and Pulse. Bluestacks for windows have done wonders as we all have already seen millions of user all around the world are using it .Now Mac user can step forward and take advantage of this wonderful  app . It supports games , music , social apps , news , messages etc .
It has only 17 apps but it is expected that it may come up with more useful android apps which can be run on mac .

BlueStacks Enables You to Port Android apps to Mac

Free Download Bluestacks For Mac 


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