Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Easiest Way to Make Your Laptop A Wi-Fi HotSpot

How To Make A Laptop Wi-Fi HotSpot
Last week My friend ask me how she can use her laptop as wi-fi modem .This is a very common problem for those who don't have a wifi modem . But the solution is very easy as any device which has wifi facility included can act as wifi modem . You can do this by a app called  CONNECTIFY . Connectify enables your wi-fi Supporting laptop to act as a wi-fi Hot Spot.We have already discussed How To Use Your Android Phone As a Wireless Modem .

How to Use Connectify And make your laptop a wi-fi Hotspot
Connectify is a free and easy to use software for windows computers and use laptop built in wifi's card to make a laptop wifi hotspot and to share an available internet connection with friends and any other wifi compatible devices . Once you have installed this app you can easily use Internet on your wifi enabled devices such as Blackberry , Android , htc  wifi enabled Smartphones or any other device which supports wifi .
Easiest Way to Make Your Laptop A Wi-Fi HotSpot
If u dont have a wiffi router or modem then this COONECTIFY App is a best application for u

Follow These Easy Steps To Enable wifi On Your laptop :

Step 1: First Download Connectify  from here .

Step 2: After downloading install Connectify on your laptop, after installing restart your laptop. Connectify shows in the taskbar and then you have to connect your internet

Step 3: You have to set your desired HOTSPOT name and PASSWORD

Step 4: select the internet connection e.g. Broadband connection

Step 5: Click on the "start hotspot" button and now ur laptop works like a Wifi Hotspot

 The Connectify is a free application only for braodband connections,for 3g usb dongle you have to buy a connectify.


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