Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years Says Eric Jackson

"Yahoo is still earning good money and have 13000 employers but this is only 10 % what was in 2000" says Eric Jackson to CNBC on the show squawk on the street.

Facebook is at a top position right now but the future does not looks that safe.Will Facebook get a result like my space and yahoo? 

Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years Says Eric Jackson

Facebook sliding stock price puts more pressure on the Facebook to earn money through advertisements and this will be a worry sign for a company because the prices are down to $26.90 on Monday from $38.

He said " the world is moving faster its getting more competitive, not less,I think who are dominant in their prior generation are really to have a hard time in the new generation"

"Facebook can buy a bunch of mobile companies but they are still a big, fat website that's different from a mobile app"

Jackson Thinks Facebook as a member of  2nd generation where 1st generation is companies like google and yahoo highlighted by business.2nd generation is  Facebook (emerging social web ) and the 3rd generation is the companies whose goal is monetizing mobile users.

He says "When you look on these three generations no matter how much successful you are in one generation you don't  seem to be able to translate into success in the second generation no matter how much money you have into the bank, no matter how many PhD's are working for you"

"look how google has struggled moving into social, and i think Facebook is going to have the same kind of challanges moving into mobile" he added

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