Friday, June 29, 2012

Google Plus Comes Up with EVENTS Feature With Party Mode

Google Plus has Come up with a new feature named "Events" which can be seen in the left Sidebar with a new red mark on it but if you are not able to see it in the side bar along with Home, Profile,Explore and then events then you have to wait for some time.But The question is can it compete with facebook Events .We have seen in the past too how google plus is continuously copying facebook . One big plus for google events is it is connected to google calenders .

How To Create Event In Google Plus :

Creating an event is very simple and quick . You have to click on events .

The moment you click on the events a screen will pop up just like the below screenshot .You just have to fill out the necessary details of the events and hit Invite .

One more Thing to notice is that you can change themes in accordance with event details while creating a new event. The Most beneficial part what we liked is that it is fully integrated with Google calenders . And next Big thing is the "Party Mode" feature . Party Mode takes all photos and videos that one is shooting during the event and uploads them to the event page. Isn't that amazing ? This doesn't stop when the event is over one more surprise for you is that , the moment the event is over a reminder will be sent to everyone to upload photos .

This Google plus feature might have taken idea from facebook events but the google plus team has evolved this feature very well and make it smarter and much better . This is a very smart move by google plus as it is integrated with google calenders many user can use this feature and will surely be useful .


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