Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Boot Up Your Computer Automatically

If you hate sitting and waiting for your computer to boot up in the morning and if you want that whenever you  will wake up in the morning your computer will be fully ready to be accessed by you without getting into the trouble of booting up then this can be done easily by following the steps below.
How To Boot Up Your Computer Automatically

To start the computer automatically daily at a specific time of the day for this you actually needs to edit your BIOS settings.     

1  Start your computer and enter into your computer's BIOS setup.This can be done in various ways and depends upon the manufacturer of your computer.Usually f1,f2,f10 and Del key is used to enter BIOS setup.For more information that how to enter into BIOS setup you should visit your manufacturer's website.

2  Enter into power options.If your BIOS Supports then there should be a option for automatically booting up.The option can have the different names as some BIOS can have with the name "RESUME BY ALARM".

3  Enable this settings, set the time for your computer to that when you want your computer to boots up automatically daily.After that save the BIOS settings and exit.

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