Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Install Two Operating Systems In One PC

If You have a window XP installed on your computer and you also want to install window7 side by side then here's the solution.
How To Install Two Operating Systems In One PC


1  Move all your important data to a separate drive where you are not going to install the new operating system.This is because you might encounter a problem while partitioning a drive and you can lost your important data.

2  You must have the installation CD and the Serial no of both  the operating system you want to install on your Computer.Also get the software applications you want to install on your Operating system.

3  If you have a single operating system spanning the entire drive then you have to resize the partition to make a room for the other operating system.For this you may need fragmenting the drive.It is good to have separate drives for the multiple operating systems.

 After partitioning the drive make sure you have a enough space for the operating system you want to install.For this you must check the system requirements for the each operating system.You must have a extra space for the data partition available to both operating systems.

5  Install the operating system to the first partition.During the installation you will be asked to select the partition and you can also  modify the partition allocation. If you have a correct operating system installed on the first partition then skip this step.

6  Similarly install the other operating system on the second partition. 

7  If necessary configure the boot menu to set the default delay time to select the another operating system before the default is chosen.Then test both the operating systems to check whether they working good or not.You also have to install  some of the software's to both the operating systems to use them on a selected operating system.  
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