Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Remove Hidden Data From Pictures Before Sharing To Social Networking Sites

If you regularly share pictures on Facebook, twitter or any other social networking websites then there may be a chance that you are providing additional details with the pictures like location of the picture and etc.There may be some information you don't want to share like the place where you live, work etc.There are some pictures which have a stored information about where the picture has been taken.Then a question arises that how to remove this additional information before sharing pictures to social networking sites But this can be done easily with a PhotoInfoEraser for Android.

Another method by which you can avoid adding location's into the pictures is simply by turning off the geotagging in your Android phone's camera settings.But if you already have  pictures with location information then you can easily share them with  by deleting the information by PhotoInfoEraser.

How To Remove hidden data from pictures before sharing them to social networking sites

You can delete the metadata with a single tap option on the screen and you can directly share your picture from this application to Facebook twitter or google +.


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