Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lock Your Computer In a Unique Style With The Help Of USB Flash Drive

If you are searching for a unique and the more secure way other then just a computer password to lock down your computer then here's the solution.Now you can lock your computer with the help of your USB flash drive and this becomes possible with a  WINDOWS program called PREDATOR.

With the help of the Predator you can access your computer only when your USB  flash drive will be active.This program scans for the USB  drive after every 30 seconds and if it does not find the Flash drive the system will lock down automatically.

Anyone who will try to access the computer without the USB drive then the system will show the "Access Denied " message. 

1 Firstly you have to download and install the PREDATOR program on to your computer.
2 Launch the Predator and plug in the USB flash drive,None of your data will be removed or altered from the USB or from the computer so you can use any USB Drive to lock down your PC.
3 When you will plug in the USB drive the dialog box with a " create password " option will appear on your screen, click OK to continue.
4 In the preferences you can create a unique password so that in case you have lost your USB drive you can  access your computer by using this password, However you can also check on " always required " option which will always ask for the password to access the computer.
5 If you want to lock and unlock only By plugging in the USB then Select the drive And create a key on the USB flash drive.After this whenever you will plug in the required USB the system will allow the access to the computer and scan For the USB drive after every 30 seconds.

Lock Your Computer In a Unique Style With The Help Of USB Flash Drive
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