Monday, June 4, 2012

Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome On Google Chrome

YouTube the biggest video repository On the web .Millions of user visit to access youtube for watching videos online .Youtube provides various option to its users such as setting the video quality and much more.You can download you tube videos easily but watching youtube videos online is much more fun as you have always have the alternative to switch to other interesting videos quickly. If you spend more then few minutes everyday on YouTube then here are some of the Google chrome extensions to make your experience awesome on YouTube website.


1.  Pip For Youtube 
PIP is picture in picture chrome extension for YouTube.Suppose you are working on some document or file and you want to see YouTube video simultaneously  then by the help of this chrome extension you can easily watch any video on YouTube while working on other tabs or documents.

2.  Youtube Thumbs 
YouTube thumbs is very useful chrome extension when you move the mouse over the video it enables us to watch the 3 thumbnails of the video as sometimes we can judge the video by seeing the thumbnails that what is in the video this makes it a good useful extension.

3.  Toggle Comments
while watching videos on YouTube the comments posted on videos seems annoying and disturbing but by the help of this extension the comments of all the videos can be removed from the YouTube videos.If you want to see the comments on the videos they can be watched by simply clicking on comments option.

4.  Looper
Sometimes when you  watched a video on a YouTube and if you want to play the video again and again then the looper will help you to provide the special button below the every video by which you can play the video again and again.

5.  Turn Off The Lights
If you want to watch the video more carefully or you want the cinematic like environment then this chrome extension will provide you the bulb on the screen by pressing which the whole other things expect video on the screen will be faded to dark.This will provide the distraction free screen while watching the video.

6.  Youtube Ratings
Bad rating videos are annoying and a waste of time no one like to watch the videos with low ratings but the problem is you only came to know about the ratings after opening the video but now this problem is solved by this chrome extension by which you will be able to watch the ratings of the videos on the front screen with the thumbnails of the videos.

7.  Youtube Feed
If you are subscribed for the multiple channels on the YouTube and you want to be notified as soon as possible when the new videos are available in your subscriptions then this extension is best for you.This extension will provide you the special button on the screen to notify you about the subscribed channels.

8.  Lyrics For Youtube
If you usually watch music videos on YouTube then by the help of this chrome extension you can also see the lyrics of the every song on YouTube just in the side of the YouTube video.

9.  Skip Ads On Youtube
It is sometimes annoying when you have to wait for the YouTube add to finish before you can watch the video but now there is chrome extension by which you can skip the YouTube ads quickly by a single click.

10.  Magic Actions
Magic Actions is a popular extension for YouTube which provides you a multiple facilities in a single chrome extension for example auto hd mode, mouse wheel volume control, repeat option, light on off option, auto wide and more.

There are many you Tube Extentions available in the chrome store but we have listed the best extention which can help in enhancing your youtube expereince from good to awesome .If you know have any suggestion related to this post don't forget to post it as a comment .


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