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20 Best Free Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : 2012

Thinking what programs to install on your windows to get the performance ? No more thinking  required now as we have  managed to list 20 windows 7 applications you must have .These apps should be the first you must install on your new windows installation as these are must have apps for windows 7 .We believe these options are must have software for Windows 7 to complete all your day-to-day computing needs and you should download right away after installing your Windows 7. Good Thing is that these all apps are free .

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

20 Windows 7 Freeware Apps You Must Have:

Microsoft Security Essentials Free Download :
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

The first application you must download is a good anti-virus/spyware utility. As antivirus is a must on Windows 7, Microsoft security essential is a freeware.  MSE is excellent antivirus software as it uses less resources and is efficient in handling viruses .This is only available for original Windows 7. You can also see all time best antivirus software.

Google Chrome Free Download :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
Google's free Chrome browser is one of the faster browsers on the Web. Tech Flashed recommend chrome as it is faster and more secure then any other browser.

Adobe Flash Player Free Download :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
Adobe Flash Player is the most must have Software for windows 7 It enables you to see video or many other types of animation on the Web . it's something you Must have , Flash should be one of your first software to download and install.

VLC Media Player Free Download :
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

VLC Media Player is free to download, open-source multi-platform media player, framework and server, featuring a vast array of free special features.VLC Media player may not focus on looks but it lay emphasis on quality and other media player featured  and it succeeds by being able to play virtually any video and audio format with impressive quality.

Skype Free Download :
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Skype is the Most popular application for video chat and voice calls over the Internet. Skype allows users to call any other Skype user for free . With Skype you can do instant messaging and screen sharing and some other cool stuffs . Skype also have some paid services like calling a phone .

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Digsby Free Download :

Digsby is my personal choice  for instant messaging .Instead of keeping 10 different IM applications use digsby . Digsby allows you to gather all of your online IM into a single application, allowing you to easily manage your Facebook, Gmail, AIM accounts and more.

Internet Download Manager Free Download :

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
Internet Download Manager is used to download any thing from any site. It shows on-screen download links, which makes your Internet surfing easy and fast. You can make your downloading file Pause and Resume. You can also add a new URL to download manually , what else could you want from a download manager . IDM is excellent and is very light .


20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free
If you are looking for torrent client which occupies less space but gives optimum performance than answer is U Torrent which occupies only 300kb space of your system memory and gives you chance to enjoy the advance piece of torrent.

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free9 Adobe Reader Free Download:

There is no doubt that Adobe Reader occupies lot of memory space than other similar software’s however it is better to stick with original creaters of the PDF format.

10 Picasa Free Download

Picasa is the excellent photo viewer  to preview pictures , Picasa is a best photo viewer application Created by Google, Picasa gathers and organises all your photos to make them easily accessible. Adjusting and fixing your photos, posting them online, in Picasa you can edit, crop and make collage of our images ,also videos can be mixed and and we can take pics of playing videos

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free11 iTunes Free Download

 iTunes ia a must app for apple owners without i tunes connecting apple products with PC or laptop is not possible   iTunes software is a digital hub providing a gateway to music, movies, television shows, mobile applications and  more. It's a must-have for anyone (especially iPhone and iPod owners)  

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

12  Notepad ++ Free Download :

  Notepad is a free app that supports different programming languages like C,C++,Html etc and more than 50 languages supported . The program also supports auto completion for a subset of the API of some programming languages , Notepad is a source code editer for windows , Notepad ++  is must application for engineers.

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free13 Gtalk Free Download:

Gtalk is a free and best app for instant messaging service that provides both text and voice communication. Google talk is integrated into G mail , users can send instant messages to other Gmail users .

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

14 CCleaner Free Download  :

 Windows 7 will tend to run slowly on lower end computers. One way to speed up a slow computer is to clear up unnecessary junk files that pile up in your hard drive, and CCleaner does just that. And with an added uninstalling feature that removes annoying programs that refuse to leave your computer, CCleaner is strongly recommended.You can also see top 5 free registry cleaners software for windows

20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

15. Photo Scape Free Download

 For low system configuration where one can’t run Photoshop then here is an alternative for you. Photo Scape is a great free photo editing software application which supports RAW, as well as all other major image formats from JPEG and PNG to animated GIF’s. 

16.Recuva Free Download
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

 Recuva is an important free ware software that recovers files that have been accidentally deleted from the Recycle Bin, MP3 Players and memory cards .You can easily recover your most important data which has been deleted accidentally .

17. Eraser Free Download :
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

Almost all users store some sort of confidential information such as passwords or bank statements on their  windows system.You must know that Files deleted from the recycle bin are not necessarily lost forever, and it could be a disaster if someone managed to retrieve that important information. Eraser erases by overwriting the selected file several times in 'carefully selected patterns.

18.Ditto Free Download

Ditto is an open source extension to the standard Windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time.

19. CD Burner Free Download :
20 Windows 7 Apps You Must Have : Free

CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs and much more . It is a strong candidate in must have of windows 7 apps .

20 : Gimp Free Download :

One Of the renowned general purpose image editor . But i can not be considered as a replacement for Photoshop.

We are leaving here as these are the 20 best windows 7 apps you must have . These apps are very essential and can help you at the time of emergencies . If you want add an app to this list please post it as a comment we would definitely like to increase our list .

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