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All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks And Tips You Never Knew

Facebook is the biggest social networking site and Millions of users use Facebook for various reason .You all use Facebook on daily basis and assume that you know everything about facebook But there are some facebook tricks and tips you might not know.So here is a list of top Facebook tricks and tips .

Top Facebook Tricks And Tips You Never Knew

Top 10 Facebook Tips And Tricks You Never Knew :

1.  How To Flip Facebook Status 
Top Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Now you can surprise your Facebook friends by updating status in a unique upside down way.You can change your status upside down on a website trick will definitely attract your friends to your updates.

2  How To Post A Facebook Update Status Via Anything 
Top Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Few days back we have told you about the trick in which you can Update Status from mobile by using a  name of the other mobiles.Suppose you are on a PC and you want to Update a Facebook Status from a Blackberry mobile then there is a awesome and a easy way to do that.Not only mobile names you can also use other gadgets and tools to post a status update.know about this trick in our previous article

Post Facebook Status From Any Devices

3  How To Schedule Status Updates 
Top Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

There is a very simple and a easy way to schedule a Facebook status Update and this is  possible via LaterBro Service.You have to sign in to your Facebook account through  LaterBro then select your country timezone and then update a status after doings clock settings.

4. List Of All Facebook Shortcuts:
Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and one spend lots of time on facebook . you can increase your facebook surfing speed by using some of these simple shortcuts . Now use facebook like a pro by using facebook shortcuts . Enhance your facebook experience .

5. Wired Profile On Facebook :

All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

This is a cool trick one can use to fool your friends This Link "" looks like a link of some one's facebook profile instead it will redirect the user on to its own facebook profile .

6 How To Add Dislike Button 
Top Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Firefox users can now add Dislike option to there status updates and can make there experience more interesting.For adding the dislike option you only have to install the add on " Facebook Dislike". 

7 How To change Language :

Top Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

If you want to surprise your friends then you can change a language of your Facebook profile to any other unknown language or if your  mother tongue is different then English and is present in Facebook supported languages then you can select that language as your Facebook profile language to surprise your facebook visitors.You can change a language of your Facebook profile from the footer of the Facebook website.

8  How To Insert Image In Facebook Chat
All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Now you can display a profile picture of your friends in a Facebook chat bar.Only you have to do is to put a small code in the chat bar with a user name of the person whom picture you want to display .Simply put a code [[username]] in the chat bar.

9  How To Post Status Updates In a Blue Color 
All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Now get more attention of your friends to your post updates by writing them in a blue color.Only you have to do is to include a small code before and after the status as shown in picture above.Put  @@[1:[0:1: before the status and ]] after the status.You can also redirect your friends to their own profile using this trick.

10. How to Hide Status Updates From Certain People :
you can update your status targeting only certain friends or co-workers as per your needs .This feature is just below the "What's On Your Mind " Status bar and just left to the tab Post . Just click on that tab and select custom and you can select and hide your facebook friends as per your needs .
All Time Best Kickass Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

We are leaving you with the top facebook tricks you must know . One can use these facebook tricks to surprise your friends . If you know some more interesting tricks or tips please post it as a comment .

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