Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Customize Your Google Navigation Bar Your Own Way

Do you think the Google Chrome navigation bar is adaptable enough as per 'your' needs .Quite often, you may not utilize some of the services that are associated with the navigation bar; or the ones that you use are swept off into a drop-down menu.With a Chrome extension  “Big G Black Bar Sorter”, you can arrange the products the way you like, keeping the services of your need just one click away. The installation process of this chrome extention is as easy as any other extention .
Follow These Steps To able to customize Your Google Navigation Bar Your Own Way :

1 . Just download the  Big G Black Bar Sorter for Chrome webstore.

2. Drag and drop the items that are not required from the bar to any another area on the page.

3 .You can also click and drag items from dropdown menu to main navigation . 

This Extention is usefull to those who use google navigation more , and the google users who use the more option provided in the main navigation bar . Its a perfect utility for them as they can rearrange the tabs in "more" dropdown directly in the main menu .So use this Google trick to manage your Google navigation Bar .

Download Big G Black Bar Sorter for Chrome


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