Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Browse Secretly In Google Chrome

Google chrome is a most popular and a lovable browser at a present time and this is because it is fast as well as it provides you other features which makes your browsing easier.Google chrome has many features from which the one is that it allows you to browse in a secret mode.To browse in a secret mode you have to open a Incognito window of Google chrome.

In Incognito Mode all your browsing history will be deleted automatically when you will close the Incognito window.There will be no information saved for the downloaded files and the cookies for your browsing session in Incognito window.But if you will change the settings of your browser or if you alter the bookmarks then they will be always saved.

To browse in a Incognito window go to Settings in Google chrome browser and select New Incognito Window 

How To Browse Secretly In Google Chrome

You can also open a Incognito Window by pressing  CTRL + SHIFT + N  while using a Google chrome.


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