Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Play Multiplayer Games Using Wi-Fi : The Quickest Way

Gamers this one is for you .Playing Games On laptop is fun but what adds to this fun is when you play multiplayer games with your friends . you can play multiplayer games Using lan But there is one more easy way to play Multiplayer games using wi-fi . Both the system must be wi-fi enabled system so that a connection can be made .

How To Set Up A Wi-Fi Network To Play Multiplayer Games With Your Friends :

Setting up a Wi-fi connection is easy . Follow the following step to setup your Wi-fi network .

1.Go to "Control Panel"  and select "Network And Sharing Center"

2.Click on "Setup A New Connection Or Network "  . you will see a screen as the screenshot below .
How To Multiplayer Games Using Wifi : The Quickest Way
You have to select "Set up a wireless ad hoc network "  and click on next . soon as you click on next a window will pop out and you have to again click on next .One point to remember is that All the system or laptop must be within the range of 25-30 .
How To Multiplayer Games Using Wifi : The Quickest Way

4.After clicking next  you have to give the name to the network . All other system who wants to play multiplayer games will connect to this network .Lets give it the name "Connect to play " (You can give any name you want ) .The select security type to NO authentication  And hit next .
How To Multiplayer Games Using Wifi : The Quickest Way

As you click on Next the window will Display a message " Setting Up Connect To play network " . Connect to play is the name we provided  to the network . And after that you are done you will be notified by the following Window .
How To Multiplayer Games Using Wifi : The Quickest Way

Now you have setup your Wi-fi Network for window7 where all other system can connect and play the games .

5. To play the game you have to connect yourself to this " Connect To Play Network " and ask others to join the same network . And Go ahead With your game And find servers .
Now you are done you can play the multiplayer games easily now . Enjoy and have fun .  I have tried this on Counter Strike and its works fine . If you are having difficulties do post it as a comment .we will try and find the solution .

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