Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Digg v1 Is Now Up And Running With New Design

New Digg v1 Is Now Up And Running With New Design
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Six weeks after Digg was acquired by Betaworks for $500,000 According to early reports from Wall Street Journal . Now Digg has revealed its new version Digg v1 with a streamlined home page and Facebook and Twitter integration. Digg has also revealed its iPhone App for digg which is absolutely free for download.Digg's Facebook page has come with a new facebook cover which says "Rethink Digg".

New Digg v1 Is Now Up And Running
Digg's Facebook Cover

Betaworks stood up to its promise and launched the newly redesigned Digg Web site today. Now the new version of digg is up and running with a facebook and twitter integration .

New Digg v1 Is Now Up And Running With New Design
Facebook And Twitter Integration

The new site has three sections which are on the main page itself named Top Stories , Popular and Upcoming .Stories now on digg has a big image, a headline, and a summary .Just Below the story on the main page there is Digg vote option , along with digg vote option for users to vote it has option to save on iPhone and share on facebook or twitter . Each digg submission has a digg score which means the number of times the story has been shared . The unexpected part : There are not any comments , May be they will integrate comment section later .Moreover the site has a streamlined view which looks attractive .The old idea remains as user's are still able to digg .The digg algo must have been changed which would determine what stories would be considered popular .

Do you like the new digg interface ? Do post your views as a comment .

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