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Top Camera Phones To Capture The Perfect Moment

In today's world Phones are considered good if they have all round capabilities such as Camera, internet ,games etc .Camera has become the most important gadget of a person in this fast pace life .As shot saken by the camera will remain in their as a memory for a lifetime .Images are memory to cherish.Now the companies have started integrating cameras into the mobile phone.SmartPhone cameras are getting better each passing day , with  excellent capabilities , sensors and the added benefit of easy shuttering and editing.These smartphones are challenging the point and shoot cameras.There are many alternatives for a person to choose a good smartphone with an excellent camera ,These alternatives add to the confusion as it is indeed a difficult task to select the best phone which can also capture the perfect shot. Therefore we present a list of six best camera phones and also Good Smart Phones.

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment


 Top 6 Camera Phones To Capture The Perfect Moment : 

1 Nokia 808 Pure View With 41 mp Camera
Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect MomentBest Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect MomentBest Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment

This is one of the most Anticipated phone of this year which has an Amazing 41 megapixel camera
take the best ever photos with the Smart Phone with a courtesy of Carl Zeiss lens and radical new Pure View technology , this Smart Phone is also capable of capturing videous in Full hd Videous at 30 fps ,this samrt phone is for all those who are serious about photography and their images to have no jerks at all the 41 mp camera comes with xenon flash and promises 7728x5355 resolution images in 16:9 formats the Camera also supports 4x digital zoom without compromising on quality.

2 Apple Iphone 4 s The Most Amazing iPhone yet

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment
Apple i phone 4 s comes with a 8 megapixels and all new Optics .They're Engineered with a higher, full well capacity to collect even more light put out your iPhone in moon light and under little lights or shoot in the bright lights the camera captures low light and lots of lights moods beautifully,and the led flash automatically kicks in when its needed with new face detection the camera is smart enough whether you are taking a portrait or a group shot, so you'll definately catch smiles.

3 Sony Ericcsion Experia S

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment

Sony Ericssion Xperia S comes with an Awesome camera. The rear camera is 12.1MP with f2.4 aperture that helps in taking clear and detailed shots. The smartphone has a Exmor sensor and the quality of the images taken through this camera is superb. Sony has also included a dedicated camera key that gets you to the camera app even when the phone is locked. There are no lags in focusing or while using the burst mode. Sony Xperia S's camera also offers 1080p video recording support. There is also front-facing 1.3 MP camera on board of Sony Xperia S, which is capable of recording video at 720p which is awesome for video calling .

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment
HTC One X comes with an 8 MP rear camera. There is also a dedicated image processor packed in, which helps capture images at a very fast speed. On a continuous shooting mode, HTC One X is capable of capturing up to 4 frames per second. The smartphone comes with a wide f2.0 aperture through which one can capture nice images even in low-light conditions. The video camera can capture 1080p full HD at 30fps. HTC One X also comes with a 1.3MP camera on the front. One of the USPs of this smartphone is that is can capture a photo even while recording a video.

5 Samsung Galaxy s3 Designed for Humans Inspired by Nature

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment
Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment

Samsung Galaxy s 3 also comes with 8 mega pixel camera and the images captured through the same are sharp and clear .  In HDR mode you can take multi shots at various exposure values and combines them to create a single image . Samsung Galaxy s3 also comes with a 1.9mp decent front camera for video calling and delivers a good output on the video recording ,thanks to ultra fast processor inside the device recording video works as expected, however the auto focus is slightly spotty Galaxy s3 will be slightly worse in low lightning conditions

6 Motorola Moto RAZR

Best Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect MomentBest Camera phones To Capture Your Perfect Moment

Motorola Moto RAZR Captures the excitement with the 8MP camera and 1080p HD video recording, for crisp, clear, cinematic quality images. Your video captures will be especially smooth, thanks to technology that helps stabilise the camera. And, see things eye-to-eye on your next incoming call with the front-facing HD video camera.

We leave you with the All time best camera phones which can help you in capturing the best moment of your life . moreover these phone also has the capabilities of sharing the pictures taken by it .What else one can want in a phone these phones are just a complete package for camera lovers . 


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