Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Android Features That Can Be Integrated In Apple iOS

Apple is known for its innovation but there are numerous things where we can say Android is ahead of Apple and perhaps it wouldn't be wrong to assume that in the near future Apple may learn some things from Android.Android 4.1 is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet with improvements throughout the platform and they have added interactive features for users and developers. But beware apple is not new in the business - Apple could bounce back with iOS 6 and has the potential to hit Android hard .We expect apple to integrate these android feature to iOS as they are attractive and useful - This is only our assumption.So here are the 6 Android features which we wish apple should add to iOS .
Best Android Features That Can Be Integrated In Apple iOS

6 Android Features That Might Be integrated In Apple iOs : 

1. Smart Updates : 
With the intelligent smart updates for Android apps,The app with an update doesn't need a full lenghth download instead the updated part needs to be downloaded. This feature will help the android users not only to save internet bandwidth but also the battery - they might have extended battery lifetime .

2. Notifications : 
Android jelly beans the latest version has come up with an enhanced and highly customisable notifications and smarter keyboard.It includes a call back button along with missed calls and Users can now share photos or screenshots right from the notification bar.

3. Android Pattern Unlock : 
Android pattern unlock is and exciting feature which looks attractive and smart. Its an innovative and interactive way to unlock a device .

4. Keyboard : 
Yes , Android has shifted to voice but the keyboard in android jelly beans can be mentioned among the best featured of the smartphone.New Jelly Bean keyboard enables the user to typing a word or two, and then based on what you’ve said, the software makes a few intelligent guesses on what your next word will be and offers them up as options just before you type the next word .

5. Google Now : 
Google Now is an amazing service that takes everything the smartphone knows about the user and respond to user's day to day queries just at the right time and all these things are done automatically .Google now comes up with cards  which know what your day looks like.

6. Voice Actions Are Available Offline :
 Google has shrunk the size of voice recognition so that the entire thing is offline. Now if you want to send a text message or type using your voice, you can do it right from the keyboard, no internet connection necessary.

These are some of the Android features that we wish we could use in our iOS . 

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